Hello SVS c:

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    Beautiful colors! Welcome. You are going to love it here!

  • Welcome @gdbee! As others have said, gorgeous colours in your work! Look forward to seeing more of it!

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    Welcome! I love your colors and shapes! Storytelling is solid too. It's awesome that you're still learning and growing! SVS has been pure gold for me too - I've been stagnant in my abilities for awhile and I'm ready to level up! Your Instagram feed is an inspiration to me. Honored to have you in the community.

  • Wow haven't checked my own thread in a while, sorry! But thank you all and it's been great!

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    Hallo @gdbee and welcome! Your work is stunning, especially your use of color!
    I was wondering if you would be willing to share more details of your story - what happened that made you „fail spectacularly“. And also your experience on successful projects if you are willing to share!

  • Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • @smceccarelli Without giving out any specific details, I'll try to describe. Thanks for asking!
    I was contacted to illustrate a childrens book by a large publisher. It was super exciting and great timing as I just went freelance in 2016. The career I had before freelance was design-based and I was used to "design by committee" approaches and multiple passes needed, so thought it would be no problem. The art director was incredibly nice and accommodating, but eventually the design by committee was kind of wearing me down, especially with waiting on a reply for weeks and changes to the look of the main character and such almost a year into the project (did not know that it's kind of normal in book publishing). They just weren't liking anything I was putting out and eventually I wasn't liking it either, and that showed. They suggested I just scrap and redo the entire book art from scratch which sounded like a good idea, but there was a major eye surgery coming up and it wouldn't be wise to do it with that going on at the same time, so I asked to be taken off the project. Looking back, it was very embarrassing and I genuinely hope I wasn't a major headache to work with!
    Another publisher contacted me a little before and after the surgery was complete, so I used all the knowledge and pitfalls from before to work better with them. Communication and getting feedback was much easier and quicker this time as well. I would say communication from both sides can really make or break a project!

  • @rhirsch Thank you kindly!

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    @gdbee Thank you very much for sharing! I couldn’t imagine how things could go wrong with work as good as yours....Excellent advice about communication - I find also that its better to have too much than too little....

  • Wow you have a way with colour!

    I also really appreciate your honesty concerning your shaky start into children's book illustration and working with publishers, gives me a spark of hope that even if i should stuff up there is always another chance ^_^

    I can't wait to see more from you in the future!

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