Help with indesign export to pdf

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    Please someone help..when I export my indesign file to a pdf, the file size shrinks from 8.25 x 8.125 fo 1.35 x 1.71 I have probably accidently clicked something somewhere. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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    That's weird! Maybe try these?

    1. Double-check your document size, make sure it's in inches and not picas or something weird.
    2. Export to PDF again and choose "Press Quality" to reset the settings. Reselect anything you need (like Marks & Bleed).

    I can't see offhand how it could export so small. I wish I could be more help! I could always export it for you if it comes to that 🙂

  • Is the page size within the pdf that size or is that the size the pdf is printing at?

    There are no settings within InDesign to print a pdf to a smaller size. The only way I have heard of an InDesign file exporting to an actual different page size was due to the "master page" being a smaller page size.

    If you could tell me what version ID are you using I can see what i can figure out for you.

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    @jimsz Thank you so much for your help, I was so frustrated I ended up reformatting the whole book again and that worked. I will never know what happened my book size was 8.125 x 8.25 and ended up exporting to a 1 something inch by 1 something inch in the pdf file size.

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    @carriecopa Thank yo so much for your help I have no idea what I did. I ended up reformatting the entire book which worked thank goodness!

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