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    Silly question but I'm curious as to how others have solved this minor issue -- where do you put your coffee mug on a slanted drawing table?

    I have a very small house and have always done my drawing at the dining table with a portable tabletop drawing table. My daughter graduated from college last May so I got a real drawing table and put it in her bedroom but because the room also has to function as a guest room, there's no place for a flat top side table next to it. Has anyone come up with clever solutions to keep your coffee mug from sliding down the table? I also want it secure enough so it doesn't slosh or tip over and ruin my work.

    I suppose I could give up drinking coffee and tea but that seems like an extreme solution!

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    I have a little wooden stool that I use as a little side table. It's light weight and easily moved around, slides under my drawing table when not in use, and a great size for a cup as well as a few tools (erasers, markers, even a little jar of water when painting.) You could either slide one under the table when not using, or remove from the room entirely.

  • @demotlj For me, I don't have a mug or cup anywhere near my artwork. After a couple incidents I keep my drink away from the table.

    There are various clip on mug holders you can find on amazon that might be useful.


  • In an empty desk drawer so if it falls over it doesn't go everywhere but it is near my drawing desk not my cintiq

  • Ha! My body got all seized up when you said "give up coffee!" I've been having the same issue--have an old school drawing table and I LOVE how it looks but I now sometimes wish I would have gotten the kind that has the part that stays level. I use a cart that wheels up next to it. If you can find an old typewriter cart, they are a little shorter. I have one that can roll under the drawing table when I'm not using it. Plus it looks cool.

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    @eli I do have an old computer cart! I never thought of it because it’s in my basement covered with my son’s extra dumbbells. Thanks for the great idea.

  • Hope it works!

  • Right now my desk is flat, but when I have it at an angle I LOVE this thing and put my coffee on the top shelf (with my water if I'm painting... which means I always have ink in my coffee).
    (IKEA Raskog cart)

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    @demotlj I love this question! 😂 my advice is that if you find a flat place for your coffee, be careful not to dip brushes in it. It’s always a struggle for me to keep my coffee and tea free of watercolor. “Dip in the water, not in the tea!”

  • @pamela-fraley Ha Ha! Yes! I've done this also!

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