Just signed up for "Turbocharging Your Creativity"

  • Argh! So excited. And weirdly nervous!!

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    Congrats, that one looks really fun! I signed up for the book cover class and totally feel the same way, very excited but also nervous! But that's part of growing as an artist I think. This community and its instructors all seem friendly and constructive.

  • @carriecopa Yes, definitely awesome instructors and community! The book cover class looks amazing! I may be eyeing that one for the future. I'm excited for us both!

  • I signed for the Book cover and I thought I was only one was really nervous,I hope I dont stress myself into an artistic block.Turbocharge your creativity is the one i want to do later inthe year

  • @DOTTYP I know! I worry about that as well! I hope that the Book Cover class goes great for you...

  • @eli Hope your class goes great for you too,and you learn loads of things.

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    I'd love to hear how it goes. I haven't taken a class yet. Just watch the videos. I'd liek to hear about your experience 🙂

  • I'll keep you posted, @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen ! It's my first one. It's a splurge and a big leap for me.

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    I can promise you this, you will never think of illustration in the same way after you take this class. It is literally that transformative. It's so much more than a few tips and tricks. It's much deeper than that.

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    Was thinking about signing up for this one but not sure if my 'basic drawing skills' are up to level required for this course. I do like the idea of being able to tap into my creativity more readily though - something I used to be really good at as a kid (like everyone I suppose) and struggle with now. finger still hovering over the buy button!

  • @lee-white It sounds amazing

  • @missmushy I worried about that too with the drawing skills, but then decided not to worry about it. My finger spent a very long time hovering--ha!! I finally just pushed it.

  • @Eli This class is excellent! You will enjoy it. Have fun!
    @MissMushy because what you draw is integral to how you draw, your drawing skills will improve during this course so don't let that stop you. I highly recommend taking this class. And you can always watch all the other wonderful classes on how to draw SVS offers while doing the homework for this class.

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    Thanks @Joy-Heyer I just signed up!
    and yes there is now this giant knot of anxiety which is typical for me - self-doubt is my constant companion lol Have never taken a formal art class of any kind in my life so this should be interesting but 2018 is my year for saying 'yes' to new experiences and so here I go...

  • @missmushy learning to quiet self-doubt is one of my struggles too! Don't be anxious. David and Lee are awesome. They are very good at guiding and encouraging. And if you put in the time and effort, you won't be able to keep from improving!

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    @missmushy Welcome to our class! This class is more about the process of creating an illustration than focusing on the finish. While a beautiful result is always nice, we really don't care too much about that in this class. What we focus on is that you are thinking in a way that makes the meaning of the image better. A pretty image doesn't do much if it can't communicate what you are trying to say.

    Of course, technique is part of that and we will help you there. Anyone can learn technique. That is actually the easy part (even though it might not seem like it). This class will set you up very well for taking other classes. You will probably have many "ah-ha!" moments along the way. That isn't to say it's easy. David and I are demanding, but not in an arbitrary way. Everything we ask you to do should move the image forward and we will always explain why. We do lot's of draw overs and demos too. The best part though is watching David and I disagree (which we often do). Although he is always wrong and I am always right. Just remember that and you will do fine! haha!

  • @missmushy Hooray!! Glad you signed up! It's going to be awesome!

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    @lee-white thanks - Lee right David wrong - got it ! I am looking for a push to next level so am hoping this might be it. Sounds good to me! See you in class 🙂

  • I hovered my mouse over the "purchase this class" button and chickened out twice, and by the time I came back with my game face on to click all over that button like a boss, the class was sold out 😞 . So, if by any chance, anyone needs to bow out and find a replacement so you don't lose a percentage of your enrollment fee, I'm your girl! 🙂

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    This post is deleted!

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