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  • I'm taking part in a weekly twitter challenge called #AnimalAlphabets. I find these challenges a lot of fun and they give me something to draw each week even when I'm a little short of ideas. Does anyone else take part in this challenge and are there any other challenges you like to take part in.

    Here's a piece I did for #AnimalAlphabets. A for Audrey 2 from the "Little Shop of Horrors." Critiques are welcome and I'd love to see the work you're making for these challenges!


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    This is awesome, love that movie. I would make the gums or the tongue darker. That will separate them, right now it runs together.

  • Thanks for the feedback @chip-valecek!

  • Great image @IanS !
    Sounds like a nice challenge. I did some challenges before, 365 doodles where you would get a prompt each day and of course Inktober. I like the rush a challenge brings but missed focusing on the things I wanted to make for my portfolio. Right now I’m thinking of setting a personal challenge for myself.
    Good luck with your challenge, would love to see the rest of the alphabet! Will you be posting it here or can I follow it somewhere else?

  • Thanks @renske-d! I think I'll be posting them here but you can follow them over on my twitter @iansummersart or the animal alphabets twitter @AnimalAlphabets.

  • 0_1513102992438_B-for-Babadook.jpg

    B for Babadook. Animal Alphabets piece 2! From the off I'm going to point out that his right hand is too dark which makes it hard to see against the dark coat. Some sort of highlight is needed. Funny how I didn't think about it until now!

    Full disclosure I haven't actually seen the movie and have no intention of watching it as I'm a massive scaredy-cat when it comes to horror movies.

  • @ians Your drawing is great - I would make a slight color adjustment. I don't like to have "reds" competing for attention. In your version the pot is competing with the lips and tongue. I call everything from magenta to orange a red because it grabs the eye more than all of the other colors. Since the pot isn't as important as Audrey I would down play it and bring up the reds on the mouth...I'd also darken the teeth inside the mouth a little. These aren't right and wrong decisions - just suggestions.0_1513107087165_1512645338634-a-for-audrey-2-resized.jpg

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    Amazing piece you got here!!!! This reminds me of the Chomper plant in Plant versus Zombies!!

    I would love to follow you on twitter. Whats your username there?

  • Thanks @nyrryl-cadiz! My Twitter handle is @IanSummersart.

  • Hi @will-terry! Thanks for the feedback. It's really great to have an artist as experienced as yourself drop some Yoda level advice. I'm not so great with colours so I never thought of it like that. I'll take that on board going forward. Thanks again for taking the time to do a crit!

  • C for Creature from the Black Lagoon. I swear they're picking movies I've never seen on purpose! This one was a lot of fun to draw and I'm actually quite pleased with the pose. Feedback as always is welcome!


  • D is for Demogorgon. I forgot how utterly freaky this thing was until a started looking up reference images for it. Awesome show!


    As always feedback is welcome and if you want to join in with #AnimalAlphabets follow them on Twitter!

  • E for Edward Scissorhands.


    I seem to struggle with darker values (See Babadook above) and lose detail because everything is so dark. How do you tackle characters which are dressed in blacks without losing the details?

  • @ians really like this! The character stylisation is really great. With regard to th issue of dark colours I think you increase the tonal range without losing the feeling of the dark clothing etc.

    I hope you don’t mind I had a quick go at putting a multiply layer over it and with a bit of whit airbrush in a few places to bring out some detail...


  • Hi @jamesh. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it!

  • A work in progress shot for F in the Animal Alphabets series. F for The Fly. I've never seen this movie and after looking at some screen shots for reference I never want to. The screen shots were scary enough!


  • I'm loving all of these. I've sworn off daily challenges for a while because I have some big projects I want to focus on, but this is making me want to do one again!

  • Thanks @studiohannah! By the end of the week I'd have caught up with them as they're pausing for Xmas on The Grinch! After that it'll be a weekly thing and I can start thinking about other things.

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