Best classes route

  • As I want to draw the best planning for myself, so thinking of best way to watch classes and do assignments, I think the most efficient route for everyone is this one:

    Developing Art fundamentals

    1. How to draw everything
    2. Mastering perspective
    3. Light and shadow
    4. Working with color + Painting color and light
    5. Creative composition

    Mastering Digital Tools:

    1. Beggining photoshop
    2. Painting in photoshop
    3. Creating custom pencils in photoshop
    4. 10 step digital painting
    5. Drawing with digital pencils
    6. Sketching in Zbrush

    Mixed media:

    1. Mixed media, water colors + digital
    2. Let it glow

    Advanced digital painting:

    1. Painting fur and hair

    Design: (Environment + figure drawing + characterization)

    1. Creative environment design
    2. Posing characters
    3. Breathing Life Into your Character Designs
    4. Drawing Heroes and Sidekicks + Drawing Robots and Machinery + Drawing villains and monsters

    Drawing comics

    Ilustratring children's books

    And I want to do all this classes in a month... (will be moar)
    Wish me courage lol 🙂

    Hope the list helps you, see ya!

  • SVS OG

    Woah!!! Great list and good luck this month. THAT is a ton of info. Keep us posted on your progress.

    One thing I'd change though is I'd make How to Draw Everything your first class, then go into Mastering Perspective.

  • @Jake-Parker thx, gonna edit

  • Good luck Alberto! You can do it! Can't wait to see your progress as well.

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    I'd like to suggest the "Chaos to Control: Creating custom photoshop brushes" in the "mastering digital tools section. Probably right after "Painting in Photoshop".

  • @Lee-White prob better that way

    And also mixed media could be done even before Painting in photoshop

  • Very helpful to have a game plan, thanks!

  • All that in a month??!!! As Christopher Walken might say.... " Wowee-wow -wow!!"

  • SVS OG

    Wow! That's ambitious!! Nice to see a game plan laid out. I have a subscription so I've been hopping around taking all kinds of things. I might refer to this list again later. Thanks and good luck to you!

  • I went through and made a syllabus for myself too! Good luck doing it all in one month! but be careful, it's a lot of information to absorb and we artists learn best by the practice we do after the class!

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