Should I get an iPad instead of a Wacom tablet?

  • @jimsz thank you! You know, I have also considered the huion gt 221 pro because of its price. However, I'm kinda doubting if it performs great or if it will last long. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Anyone out there who also got something to share about the huion tablets? I would appreciate it a lot.

  • @carriecopa thanks for the tip. How much would it cost though? I'm on a tight budget.

  • @nyrryl-cadiz there’s the new Cintiq Pro coming out over the next few months...24”. I’m holding out for one as color accuracy maybe tighter

  • @andyg wow! That sounds great. I'll try to keep a look out. Thanks!

  • @smceccarelli have you used Photoshop Sketch in the iPadPro? Any thoughts? anyone else use it?

  • @tombarrettillo I tried it and found it terrible. No match to ProCreate, for sure... but only my opinion!

  • I think I'm in the minority here but I really couldn't get use to Ipad pro at all. The apple pencil's rubber tip just didn't feel right to me. (Guess I'm too use to using my Cintiq) Frenden does a lot of tablet alternative reviews you can find some HERE there are some cost effective alternatives out there. And he gives the Ipad pro huge praises when using in combo with the Clip studio paint app.

  • @carriecopa I was thinking of getting a surface pro. How do you like it? I read that the software crashes sometimes.
    Either that or get a wacom companion, but it's pricy. At the moment I'm using a 13HD cintiq. I love it but sometime, like everyone here, I don't want the hassle of pluging in the laptop (I have a huge one too 17")

  • @doha I'm a fan of my Surface Pro! I got at least the mid-level option as far as processing power and haven't had a crash. Not sure how it compares price-wise to other options, but I find it's a versatile machine. The adjustable stand lets you use the screen standing up like a laptop, to a slight angle comfortable for drawing, or just lay it flat if you desire. The cover/keyboard accessory lets you do keyboard shortcuts or can be completely removed if you want to get handsy with the screen. The included stylus feels nice and natural. Moves like butter across the screen and has a nice pressure sensitivity. All in a portable package.

  • @carriecopa great! I'm glad to hear that. It's a reasanable option to have in this case.

  • Hi everybody!

    After considering all of your comments in this thread, I've decided on my top 2 drawing tablets. Many tablets were great and almost made it to my list but only 2 rose up to the top (for me at least). They are:

    1st Wacom mobile studio pro
    2nd ipad pro

    I decided solely on their drawing capabilities and portability --- the two main selling points for me. There is without a doubt that the mobile studio pro performs better (just my opinion and based on some reviews i read and watched tho) However, though i consider the wacom mobile studio superior to the ipad pro, I find its price very discouraging. $1799 for its least configuration?!!! That's 2 ipad pros and 2 apple pencils. THAT'S TWO TIMES THE MONEY I HAVE!

    That is why for the moment, I think I'll go with the ipad pro. Untill I can earn enough money again that is.

    Thank you all so much for all of your inputs and suggestions! It really made the decision making easier.