Should I get an iPad instead of a Wacom tablet?

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    I can’t give a fair comparison since I only have the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but I love using the iPad because of its portability. I sometimes sketch and scan to it but more and more I am doing everything from the very beginning on the iPad and only sketching on paper if I get really stuck (because I can stand up at my drawing board and get freer gestures.). I don’t do much photoshop type manipulation using just the multiply, and overlay features so software would be a consideration. On the other hand, I can and do take my iPad Pro everywhere and can draw/paint in coffee shops, waiting for friends, watching TV, when I’m supposed to be working ... 🙂

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    @smceccarelli Hi, Simona. Just a quick question, what are you currently using? An iPad or a cintiq? When you first started, what did you use back then?

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    @demotlj yes, I would like it very much to be able to work whenever and wherever. That's the biggest iPad pro for me.

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    @jallott if I had the money, i would definitely go with a cintiq. However, with my limited funds and time, i figured i needed something that's more affodable and portable. I'm still considering a cintiq though. As versatile an ipad can be, I still believe a cintiq performs better. Thanks for the input!

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    @nyrryl-cadiz When I started working digitally I had a Wacom Intuos 4 - a „blind“ tablet 😉 I loved it, for the records, I never felt limited (and the Cintiq was not even around, so there was nothing to look up to!). Believe it or not, I was not sure I wanted to swap it for a Cintiq when they came out because I loved my Intuos so much.

    I bought a Cintiq 24 around 2013 or 2014. It was obviously.a step-up from the Intuos, but not as dramatic a change as you may think.

    I needed a portable solution at some point, and rather than getting the Surface and have to cope with Windows, or the Cintiq companion with all its limitations I decided for an iPadPro.

    So now I work on the Cintiq when I am in my studio and on the iPad when I am out and about or when I do not want to sit at a desk. I would say is probably 90% Cintiq and 10% iPad. Again, it’s not a matter of hardware in this choice but of software - I just don’t think you can compare Photoshop with ProCreate . Also, I work with a lot of reference sometimes (like the project I am now, which is a mix between fiction and non-fiction and requires accurate machine details), so I need lot of screen space.
    I am not familiar with the mobile version of ClipStudio - maybe that is much closer to the desktop version (which is very good).

    At the agency, I still have an Intuos 5 - happy with it and do not feel the need for anything else there, where my work is more mixed (illustration, vector and photo-editing mostly).

  • I've never used the Cintiq 13 but have used a Huion type screen, which I ended up returning and purchased an ipad pro. The biggest reason was I use my computer for many things and hooking up the screen and unhooking it and making room on the desktop was too much of a hassle. The other drawback with the Huion type screen was the amount of space available for drawing. Even with a 22+ inch screen a LOT of it was taken up with pallets.

    I returned the screen and purchased an ipad pro 12.9 and have not second guessed my decision. The screen size, power and portability make it worth it.

    There is a learning curve and it is not like drawing on paper.

    If money s tighter you can do a couple things - either purchase a refurb from apple (full warranty) or purchase with their 18 month 0% interest offer.

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    I use the Surface Pro - it combines the best features of a tablet and laptop I think. You get access to Photoshop on a portable device. The detachable keyboard makes it versatile (use keyboard shortcuts or remove it for the full tablet experience) and doubles as a screen protector. Minimal showboating. The draw-feel is really nice on it too.

  • @smceccarelli thanks for this. I’ve got intuos3 and used it well over 10 years. But I think the drivers aren’t doing so well now as I’m getting glitches, so looking to upgrade. I’ve got iPad Pro (windows so Astro won’t work....), Procreate is awesome for some work, but I like being able to cut up my work, resize, recompose even though I start from thumbnails, as the image develops.

    Couple of quetions:

    1. my monitor is colour calibrated. As cintiq is a second monitor can I colour calibrate that one separately and have two separate profiles running at once?
    2. I’ve got another desk in my postage stamp sized office, and it’s just big enough for the 22” cintiq. Do you think a long lead will Work ok? (Probably need to be about 6’)

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    @andyg I calibrate both monitors separately. However, the Cintiq looks stubbornly different to my second monitor - other people here have the same issue and is described in forums as well. It does not bother me so much (well, it sometimes does..) - I got used of having a second window with the image on the second monitor as well, just to double check on color saturation.
    I cannot say anything about the lead - I have never tried to move the Cintiq more than 1-2`away from the computer and the second monitor needs to be very close (in my case, it sits on a stand and is just above the Cintiq).

  • @smceccarelli thanks 😃 just read you thread on Behance. Interesting!

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    @jimsz thank you! You know, I have also considered the huion gt 221 pro because of its price. However, I'm kinda doubting if it performs great or if it will last long. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Anyone out there who also got something to share about the huion tablets? I would appreciate it a lot.

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    @carriecopa thanks for the tip. How much would it cost though? I'm on a tight budget.

  • @nyrryl-cadiz there’s the new Cintiq Pro coming out over the next few months...24”. I’m holding out for one as color accuracy maybe tighter

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    @andyg wow! That sounds great. I'll try to keep a look out. Thanks!

  • @smceccarelli have you used Photoshop Sketch in the iPadPro? Any thoughts? anyone else use it?

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    @tombarrettillo I tried it and found it terrible. No match to ProCreate, for sure... but only my opinion!

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    I think I'm in the minority here but I really couldn't get use to Ipad pro at all. The apple pencil's rubber tip just didn't feel right to me. (Guess I'm too use to using my Cintiq) Frenden does a lot of tablet alternative reviews you can find some HERE there are some cost effective alternatives out there. And he gives the Ipad pro huge praises when using in combo with the Clip studio paint app.

  • @carriecopa I was thinking of getting a surface pro. How do you like it? I read that the software crashes sometimes.
    Either that or get a wacom companion, but it's pricy. At the moment I'm using a 13HD cintiq. I love it but sometime, like everyone here, I don't want the hassle of pluging in the laptop (I have a huge one too 17")

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    @doha I'm a fan of my Surface Pro! I got at least the mid-level option as far as processing power and haven't had a crash. Not sure how it compares price-wise to other options, but I find it's a versatile machine. The adjustable stand lets you use the screen standing up like a laptop, to a slight angle comfortable for drawing, or just lay it flat if you desire. The cover/keyboard accessory lets you do keyboard shortcuts or can be completely removed if you want to get handsy with the screen. The included stylus feels nice and natural. Moves like butter across the screen and has a nice pressure sensitivity. All in a portable package.

  • @carriecopa great! I'm glad to hear that. It's a reasanable option to have in this case.

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