Christmas drawing challenge

  • Hello!

    So at exactly this time last year I decided to set myself a drawing challenge in the lead up to Christmas (because I figured this time of year isn't busy enough).

    Taking cues from one of Jake’s old Inktober projects I decided to use the 24 day buildup to Christmas to tell a story (I ended up doing 25 in the end). I wasn't allowed to have any description- just pictures. I posted one drawing a day like a sort of drawing advent calendar.

    The focus was to try to improve my story telling skills rather than my drawing specifically (though hopefully it would also have some improvement on my drawing!) I had a very rough plan of where I was going with the story mapped out but it actually changed quite a bit as I had new ideas along the way.

    I found the whole thing a really good learning experience and so I’m going to do it again this year and will be posting the first one on here and on my Instagram once I've drawn it a little later today.

    I tried (in vain) to think of a catchy name/hashtag like #Drawcember or the even more tenuous #eventcalendar (because stories have events in them!?) So if anyone’s got any suggestions that would be great!

    It would be amazing to see what other people do with this so if anyone wants to jump on board please do! #Christmasstoryadventcalendarthing

    Here’s the link to last year’s if anyone wants to take a look:

  • @jallott It's sooo cool. I love your 'calender' from last year! 🙂

  • @jallott #Drawcember sounds pretty good! Wish I could join in but its so freaking busy this month...Good luck!

  • @aska Thank you!! 😃

  • @leontine Thanks! I know, this time of year is so busy (and I'm moving house next week!!) I'm anticipating some sleepless nights to get this done!

  • Pro SVS OG

    That is a really cool idea! And your series from last year looks awesome!
    Unfortunately too busy in December, but I am really intrigued...maybe next year?
    I love “Eventcalendar” by the way!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jallott great stuff there. Looked great! Looking forward to what you do this month.

  • Here we go- Day 1!

    As ever critiques are always welcome!

    0_1512155418059_Christmas story 1.jpg

  • @smceccarelli Thanks 😃 Yes if you have time next year absolutely get involved, it would be great to see what you come up with!

  • Day 2!

    0_1512249447356_Christmas story 2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @jallott This is a great idea that makes me think of another idea for later when it isn't December . A thumbnail challenge! I have a lot of stories to thumbnail and it would be so much more productive to do a thumbnail a day toward a story...even if it changes a lot later, just to get the juices flowing and so forth. The other challengs are fun but I seem to get off track on other things I'm working on and only delay my progress. Next time I start another book project, I think I will do one thumbnail a day. Then I can stare at one little sketch fo ra whole day before I start the next one 🙂 Thanks! BTW, your page looks great 🙂 I enjoyed looking at it.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thanks a lot! 😃 Totally, I'm finding that doing this kind of thing really helps me keep on track and, as you say, really helps keep the creative juices flowing - especially with personal projects which can sometimes fall by the wayside.

  • Here's day 3!

    0_1512335627760_Christmas story 3.jpg

  • Day 4!

    0_1512421892964_Christmas story 4.jpg

  • @jallott good luck moving!

  • @jallott Very fun project! I love working on Santa related images so this one really caught my eye. I drew over your work - thank you for asking and being open to critique.

    1. I felt you had a few spaces that could be tightened up...big open spaces can dilute the potency of your design.

    2. Overall things are too close to the image edge so I added more "canvas"

    3. Since you're showing us 3D objects in the foreground like the present and calendar I think you need to keep this consistent with larger objects in the background.

    4. If you show one present you need to show more or else you might be placing too much emphasis on that one present. If it's just a prop for "flavor" then shouldn't there be more?

    5. I think you need to indicate what happens in the background. Since this image goes to the borders and doesn't vignette it creates the question - is that a wall back there?

    6. I would have Santa giving the operator of the loading contraption more of an attitude. Is he confident? Is he worried that the load will hurt his sleigh? Is he concerned that an elf could get crushed? I think you need to write more into this part of the story and then express it in Santa.

    Great piece!

  • @will-terry Thanks for the critique and for taking the time to do the draw over, really appreciate it! I knew there was something not quite right particularly with the background so this really helps. Just from your sketch you get a much better sense of depth. I'll definitely try to take this on board with the rest of the series. Thanks again!

    Oh, and there was meant to be just one present left behind 😛 (but I do see what you mean!)

  • Here's day 5!

    0_1512509486322_Christmas story 5.jpg

  • @leontine Thank you!

  • Awww now I'm all worried about the little bear! Ha! Great idea--I loved the one you did last year as well!

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