Daily Drawing

  • Your productivity puts me to shame. I love seeing these! Keep it up.

  • Hiya Judy!

    I just wanted to say that though I haven't followed your journey the whole length of the way, I am really impressed at how much work you've put out. I mean, one each day for a year? That is incredible! I'm not usually one to go for this style of illustration either, but I took a closer look at your work and I appreciate it because of the visual language you've built up. Again, congratulations on your achievement here, and keep up the phenomenal work!

  • @jabbernewt Thanks. I really appreciate that! Yeah, you are right about the visual language, it did start to develop and then things started to get more fun. The first drawings were all over the place and I kept in mind it didn't matter how it looked but just to draw everyday. I wanted to start another year this September 2018 but I'm doing Inktober now and then working on illustrating stories I have written until the end of the year and putting all my energy into finishing the books. I will definitely do another year soon. Thanks again!

  • @zombie-rhythm Thanks Zombie Rhythm!