November 3rd Thursday

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    @Lee-White Very good point, the only way to truly improve is to chase after the people in front of you. It drives creativity at every level of the game, otherwise you risk getting too comfortable and not pushing yourself. I was never a fan of the everyone gets a trophy system either.

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    ok, I just made a new thread with all the artwork in there. If I messed up and missed someone, feel free to add your work in there. Here's a link:

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    @DanetteDraws, I saw your cover and almost picked it. The reason I didn't was that so many of our instruction at SVS covers children's books that I didn't thiink I should pick that one. The crit for yours in this circumstance wouldn't have applied to anyone else because most people went for an older market.

    I did think it was a beautiful cover and should be in your portfolio for sure.

  • @Lee-White First, let me say thank you again for your professional feedback; it is invaluable. It's good practice hearing it knowing I'll be working with an art director some day. Second, the purpose of these sessions is to push the artist to improve, which is just what happened for me. I've been viewing and re-viewing the classes so I can elevate my technical skills and conceptual artistry. I really really concentrated on the painting this assignment. Acrylic has been my nemesis and I've vowed to master it. (I like it but it doesn't like me. lol) I know my concept was faulty and your commentary confirmed that. Boring and cliche is not were I want to remain. The experience reinforces my desire to keep at it till I knock your socks off with each subsequent assignment. Great job to those who worked on the challenge and submitted. Congratulations to the winners. Lastly, thank you to Will, Jake, and the SVS team for making this all possible. Till next time, cheers!

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    @Suzy Heitz, Great work and great attitude. If you can push you concepts a little further, you will have a smokin' portfolio in no time. You are handling the acrylic well and your instincts are really good. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

  • @Lee-White that's great to hear, thanks so much for your compliment! And I totally understand - I think last night's critique and subject matter was quite helpful for those going for an older audience for sure so that makes sense that the critiques should appeal to the masses 🙂

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    @Lee-White I just watched the video again of the critiques (it was 4am at the live viewing, so I needed a second go to make full sense of what you said!) I really appreciate all the very helpful pointers, and I'm going to re-work it along those lines to make it into a portfolio piece. Thanks!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears, Well i'm glad that you brought this up. Like Lee has said It only shows how much people care for this little community we have and it will only help to improve.
    I actually see positive things here and a lot of it. It kind of reminded me when I decide if I should crit or draw over someone work, but I did it anyway because helping overcame the fear of making mistake.
    No one should be happy that their piece was not picked but to look forward to improve, everyone.
    Can't wait to see what people are coming up with Christmas prompt.

  • @Lee-White Great critiques on the Poe assignment. (I admit I dropped the ball and completely FORGOT that it was to be submitted a week early. My bad and would not bode well in a professional context.) I knew I couldn't 'win' again but was still hoping to be part of the Top Half. I remember there being a discussion about having an incentive beyond winning a class. That would be interesting as I'm already a year subscriber. I believe you mentioned sending the top 3 winners to art directors. Now that would put a fire under the ole tush. And Will had mentioned in a previous video of having winners compete in a final assignment. Just thinking out loud...Any way... I plan to rework my Poe piece in December when I have some free creative time. Thank you and Will and Jake for all your work you do in making this informative and fun!

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    @Lee-White Thank you! One of the greatest things about this is we are getting FREE critiques from professionals, with busy schedules. It does make me work harder, and i know i have improved from my first challenge to this one. I love this place 😃

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