November 3rd Thursday

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    Make a book jacket (cover) that will be used for a volume of Edgar Allen Poe Stories.

    This is a fun assignment to see what you can come up with for a cover illustration. You don’t have to include a portrait of Poe, but it needs to allude to him. You can use his stories as subject matter. It can also be a fun assignment to try and play with a portrait likeness too. However, it NEEDS to have some sort of concept to it (Just a portrait won’t cut it). Be creative and have fun. Please indicate where Type will go (this is important). If you feel comfortable doing design work, you can include the type with your image (you make up the title).


    • One entry per person
    • jpeg images only
    • Images should not be larger than 2000 pixels in the long dimension
    • Label your jpeg with your name (ex: joeSmith.jpg)
    • Illustrations that do not fit the category or prompt will not be considered.
    • You grant the right to display your artwork on


    • Images must be submitted before 12:00 noon EST November 12th 2015 (SECOND THURSDAY THIS MONTH!)
    • Images must be sent to for consideration
    • In the email please include your Instagram and Twitter username (we want to tag the winners)
    • Posting your image in the forum is a great way to get feedback leading up to the competition

    How it works:

    The day after each 3rd Thursday competition we will announce a NEW illustration prompt for the following month. Anyone may enter - you don’t need permission - just start creating. We will accept submissions up to 12:00 noon EST (That’s 9:00AM for California) on the 3rd (SECOND THURSDAY THIS MONTH!) Thursday of the month. At 11:00PM EST we will critique 5 of the best submissions on that same 3rd Thursday in our online GoToMeeting classroom. It is free for anyone to join in and watch us critique each image according to design/composition standards and appropriate storytelling principles and intended category. We will provide the joining information at a later date so check back on our Facebook page for updates:

    Out of the 5 entries we pick for critique we will award 3 of them with two free classes of their choice. Once someone has won they will not be eligible to have their work critiqued or win the free classes for one year - giving more artists the chance to win.

    Our goal for this competition is to give you real world assignments that will help you add relevant artwork to your portfolio that will hopefully help you land assignment work from publishers. You will be able to pick up many tips and tricks by attending our monthly critique sessions online for free. Good luck and we’ll look forward to seeing your creations in September!

    Here is how last month went:

  • very interesting prompt! love The Black Cat story

  • @Aaron Is this to be a full jacket cover (front, spine, back)? Or just the front only?

    How do you want us to indicate where the text would go?

    Example: My idea will involve the main image "bleeding" into a black space at the top where I imagine text would go. Should I put something like "[Text Here]"?

  • SVS OG

    @Sabina-Mihaela-Manolache Wow, you're fast! I'm still thinking through my ideas for this one. If you want critiques before you submit your piece, go ahead and start a new topic thread for that under 3rd Thursdays. That way it is easier to keep track of what piece we are talking about and see how the piece progresses as critiques are applied. Then, when you feel your piece is ready, email it in and post the final here. That way we can see all the final pieces here together.

    By the way, welcome to the SVS forums! I've received and seen lots of helpful critiques here, so don't be shy about starting your critique thread and getting some feedback.

  • @Sabina-Mihaela-Manolache said:

    Hey there, I was thinking about this month's topic and I made this cover. I don't know if it's worth submitting/if it matches the assignment, as I have never submitted before at a 3rd Thursday...but I would like your opinions on it .
    Thanks in advance 🙂 !

    Thank you very much for your welcoming message, Sarah LuAnn 🙂 . I've just reposted my message on the "E.A Poe Critique" thread.

  • heeree we goo 🙂
    Poe_shadow9 copy.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Finished mine too...kinda happy with it 😃

  • Here's my entryCherylEklund.jpg

  • and here's mine

  • sean_Welty.jpg

  • Bad at graphic design so I've indicated where the type will go (per the instructions). Reeeaaallly hope I did that part right.

  • Here's mine. Final.jpg

  • JohnWanczyk_Sml.jpg
    Ok, here's the piece that I just submitted. I'm really tired of looking at it. Really liking everyone's pieces! See you all on Thursday night.

  • Guess I'll throw mine up here too. I can't say I'm super happy with it, but I really wanted to participate in one of these and I keep missing them it is. A cover for a graphic novel of Poe's stories.


  • Here's my submission. I'm really trying to hone my painting skills. Sorry if the file is big, I just don't know how to resize/adjust very well yet. SuzyHeitz.jpg

  • Hey everyone! Here's mine 🙂

    Although Poe's works are very gruesome and dark, I thought they could be adapted to suit children, just like the Grimm's tales were. So mine is for children - maybe more like a middle grade age rather than super young picture book style.

    The entries are all looking so great! Can't wait for tonight 🙂 Good luck guys!


  • SVS OG

    Here's my entry..

    dulcie-mascord copy.jpg

  • Pro SVS OG

    I didn't enter this month, but I am really looking forward to watching tonight! They are going to have a rough time picking the winners, really great work in this thread!

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    oh Yea!!! these are cool! I'm working on my paint overs now. Can't wait to share! : )

  • Um, so I'd like to sit in and watch/listen tonight. Any clues as to where to do this? Is it live on youtube? Or a stream somewhere? Invite only? I'm so confused, sorry for the newbish question and if the answer is obvious to everyone but me. This is my first time trying to participate, so I'm sure I missed something. Probably right under my nose.

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