the right perspective...?

  • Urgh! I can't get the right perspective on that sketch for the arms and hands, the length, the position. any tip please?

  • the more I look at it, the more I think the whole thing is wrong...

  • If it were me I would place the hands where you want them. Then I would draw balls for the shoulder and elbow joints. Then yo can play with those points to make the arm look right. I think it looks great. Don't scrap it.

  • yes! I think I'm onto something now. thanks for the advice Ben 😉

  • it's starting to look better already. I also straightened the broom, it gives a bigger impression of speed

  • now I'm going to edit it digitally cause I don't have enough room to move the cat further behind. oops ^^

  • @audrey-dowling Much better! I like the gesture initially of the curved broom, but I think I like it straight even more 🙂


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    it may sound silly, but one thing that always helps me is to strike a pose in front of a mirror isn't perfect, but usually helps me with the positioning and things like hip and shoulder tilts. Very cute drawing! love the poor kitty hehe

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    Hi Audry, Hopefully I can be of some help here. I did a quick draw over. Using the green lines, I focused on finding a smooth rhythm in the pose (Gesture). Then with the red lines I fleshed out your drawing to match that flow. It may sound goofy, but if you think about yoga when you are posing your character it can really help. In yoga they there is always a big line and shape to a pose. That line is everything when animating a character. Especially characters from your imagination.

    Hope that helps some! : ) 12094783_10153578158064000_4144578082490925220_o copy.jpg

  • very helpful Lee, thanks! I'll remember that the next time.
    I ended up with a similar pose for the witch but I find your cat has a great flow, holding on with the right paw instead of the left. I will try to fix that.
    for now, I've started inking it, (inktober, and because I always wanted to try inking with a ball pen) but I might finish the picture and colour it later so I can still change some details
    thank you for taking the time 😉

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