SVS Inktober Thread

  • @Leontine Thanks a lot! 😃

  • Here is my day 2. It's weird how you think it looks great when you are doing it then after relooking at it this morning I was like 'AHHH' so many things I should have done different before I inked. Oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow. This is a continuation from yesterday's little drawing. Inktober2015_Day2.jpg

  • @audrey-dowling I was experimenting with this one so I'm sure there are better ways of doing it, but in this case I traced the drawing onto tracing paper with the ink and then flipped the image over and did the washes with some prismacolor markers on the backside. I found that the ink from the markers does not soak into the tracing paper. It just kind of sits on top so you can keep playing with it even after it's dried. Seems to give it a water color look.

    Another method I've seen are to do the drawing in pencil, spray fix, then the washes, more spray fix, then lay down your ink.

    With this piece (when I get some time) I will take it into photoshop, make it the top layer with a multiply setting and then start building more colors underneath.

  • @Jonathon-B I see, it explains the texture on your washes on this piece, nice.
    I've started my lines for today already... I will try on the side later, see if I can add the washes afterwards. every try at ink washes and watercolour to date have been a complete disaster but I'm not giving up! :p
    even the big pen brushes, I'm bad at them. can't stand the marks they leave on the paper when I use them. obviously I'm doing it wrong cause on other people's drawings, it looks great

  • There really is some good Inktober work posted here. I ran short on time last night so this is just a quick little sketch I did for day #2. @Lee-White your mono print is really neat!


  • Hi, you all! I'm new on the forum. My name is Joyce, I'm a brazilian designer and illustrator, and this is my first post here. I've been taking a few classes in the subscription mode, and I'm super excited with what I've learned so far. It's nice to meet you all.

    Great entries to Inktober so far! I really like them all. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my own studies with you. I thought it would be nice to mix up the lessons from SVS with Inktober, so I've been trying to design a couple of things for a small personal project that I have. I'm pretty much a person that always goes for characters design, so I'm really a newbie when it comes to environment, props and so. So here goes my first and second Inktober entries. Any feedback is appreciated! 🙂

  • @joyce_carmo Those are great. Nice work.

  • @Jonathon-B Thank you, sir!

  • it looks lovely joyce. I'm like you, quite new to environment and landscapes. it's a real struggle!
    here's my inktober #2 . Im not happy with the lake and the trees in the background, I had no idea how to render them... but anyway

  • IMG_1736.JPG
    Day Two Cat meets a butterfly.

  • @audrey-dowling you definitely looks less clueless than me. Your scene looks amazingly complex and detailed. Very nice.

  • @craigrussellart Thank you! It's actually all ink! I made an earlier post on the forum about my supplies here

  • SVS OG

    My second prompt was "peach harvest". Go ahead and leave me your own prompt if you want here:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.26.12 PM.png

  • @audrey-dowling said:

    I have a technical question: when you do washes and solid lines on the same illustration, do you do the washes first than the lines or vice-versa?

    @Jonathon-B Some little tips with washes and ink:

    • Micron pens don't smear with water so use them first then add washes. BUT if your pens smear, then do lines after the washes.

    • Take note of the drying time of your washes. Easy way to avoid botchy area is to wet the area first with just water, then add the ink or watercolor.

    Coincidentally, I posted progress shots on my Instagram today. Another great tip is to work small, it's easier to control washes. Hope this helps!

  • SVS OG

    Inktober Day Two. The Dragon Rider. There are species of dragons that do not breathe fire or have wings. The Eastern Blue Dragon is among the rarest of those. While mild in temperament, centuries of dragon hunting have made them quite fearful of humans and they will lash out if cornered. The blue diamond embedded in the forehead of the Eastern Blue is said to be one of the most powerful magical objects known to the world. A single blue diamond can power a small city for a century. The most common use however, is in weapons manufacturing; more specifically, in the forging of Legendary Blades.

    While their fashion sense is a little odd, the Dragonite clan has gained the trust of the Eastern Blue, and the two species have formed a symbiotic relationship; the Dragonite mages provide firepower (a blue flame that the dragons are immune to) while the Eastern Blue is able to provide blinding speed and fearsome physical prowess.

    Dragon Rider 72 dpi 1200x1200.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Amazing work guys! I almost didn't get mine in today...rough day at work made it a struggle, but i got it done! There is a very cool dead tree i drive by quite often, I tried to do it justice 🙂

    Can't wait to see tomorrow's offerings!

  • This thread is awesome. Everyone is so unique.

    I only had 10 minutes this morning to fit it in before my daughter woke up, then we're out for the day so I kinda rushed and feel a little disappointed about that, but I like the idea. I played on the name tiger shark and made it's patterns more like a real tiger and had it playing with a ball of yarn like a cat. I'll have longer tomorrow.



  • Most of you have seen this guy already but here he is done in ink (BIC pen) for day #3.

  • @joyce_carmo said:

    @audrey-dowling you definitely looks less clueless than me. Your scene looks amazingly complex and detailed. Very nice.

    It's only recent! I'm trying to work a lot on that at the moment 🙂 I can't wait to take the subscription and watch jake parker's course on environment design

    @Lauren M. I've discovered yesterday that my pens were waterproof ^^ well not entirely, it smeared a bit on some parts but it wasn't too bad though. I used a letraset pen. I definitely didn't use the right paper though, just basic office paper
    I'll experiment with the washes again, trying your tip of putting water first than the ink

  • Here's my day 3. I used a Tobow felt tip brush pen (actally 3 that's how quickly the tip wears down) and a prismacolor cool gray 30% for the background.Deep Sea Diver.jpg