• I have been a bit tight with time as usual, I am hoping to actually finish something in time to submit for third thursday this month. I have popped in here at the forums a few times quickly, to take a peek at some ostrich sketches. what is weird is i am wondering how many other ostriches are going to be wearing one of those old leather aviator helmets.... I think someone, maybe Jake Parker mentioned last month that he was impressed by how many people placed charley in the lower left corner of the picture plane when designing the layout for last month. its funny how some things just seems to belong and we have to push ourselves to see things differently. before i poked around in here, my first ostrich sketch has him wearing the helmet as well, for some reason i can't bring myself to take it off his head. weird. anyway just i thought i would share the thought. i also am seeing a lot of similar elements in flying machines and perspective. i think its going to hard to be too original on this one.Untitleostrichsketchd-1.jpg what do you guys think?

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    i've noticed that as well hehe! mine included. but it just seems a natural draw for a maiden voyage, and just doesn't seem right without one. I love your aircraft! that is pretty unique!

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    I agree. I will admit that one of the things that made me less excited about participating last month was that the prompt was so specific and the same elements seemed to be used over and over. This months is pretty specific too, but I don't want to miss two months in a row, so...

    On the one hand, I understand using very specific prompts because in most cases Art Directors are usually going to want something pretty specific. But, when so many people are going to be illustrating the same passage, it would be nice if we had a bit more wiggle room than we have had the last couple months. I really liked the "Anything from Jack and the Beanstalk" prompt--it was specific while also letting us make our own choices about what we wanted to draw. The Martin's Surprise and Amanda's Cottage prompts were fun because we had a specific character EMOTION to work with, but we got to choose what caused the emotion--good balance of general and specific.

    Just my two cents.

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    @Sarah-LuAnn the part that amazes me is the fact that the drawings are all so different, even with a specific prompt. like last month's, yeah we all had trees and Charly's, but none of the images looked the same. This month we will all have ostrich's and aircraft, and a lot of aviator hats and goggles, but none of them look the same or even feel the same. I think it's pretty cool 😃

    I wonder if that is what it is like "auditioning" to illustrate a book? Maybe that is why they do it that way?

  • @Sarah-LuAnn I agree with your assessment! I would have been interested in this month's prompt if he would have left out the part about the craft working because then you could do something much more interesting. I am just enjoying watching others this month because I just didn't feel like I could do anything different that what I am seeing.

  • @Lynn-Larson good point!

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    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears I was wondering where yours was! I still think you should try, your style is unique, so it would be different!

  • @Lynn-Larson thanks Lynn! I just haven't felt like doing this one. I think I just need a break. I feel like I just want to take a week or two and just concentrate on my drawing. I can't wait to see yours though and its fun just watching others this time!

  • Good observation! I have one of my animals wearing that style of hat (though you can only see part of it)

  • I only came in on the Astrid prompt , I think the Jack and the beanstalk was the one before that. I posted originally that i was using the prompts as practice for one of my own projects. and both the astrid and charlie prompts allowed me to do that. but i can't really use the prompt this time. Astrid and charlie could have been animal or a person or an alien. but an ostrich is an ostrich, it could be a nickname, but you'd have to justify that with ostrich characteristics. They could have been in any number of environments etc. the different directions that people took was fun to see. But "all the animals" and "flying machine" i mean you really have to reach pretty far to find a twist this one. I felt just like Thrace, initially, but as Sarah pointed out, about working with an art director, I am trying to put my head into a realistic situation where i am going to have to design things that don't really interest me all that looking forward to what people come up with this time.

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