Whats your drive to create?

  • Wonderfull statement from John Green hopefully its large enough to read...or you can check it out here http://zenpencils.com/comic/119-john-green-make-gifts-for-people/2013-06-11-johngreen.jpg

  • SVS OG

    This is very cool! I admit my drive comes partially from wanting out of my job, but when people tell me i made them grin or laugh, that is the best feeling ever! That's what makes me want to keep doing this 🙂

  • Very inspirational.

  • Well...selfish reasons... it just makes me happy 🙂 But yeah, when somebody tells me I made them laugh, thats really awesome.

  • nice statement. I personally create for myself first, because it makes me happy and I feel the "need" to.
    when people like it, it obviously motivates me to do more and builds up my confidence, but my own satisfaction is always the most exciting feeling when I find that I have achieved something

  • Loved the comic, my drive to create sits very deep down, i have the constant feeling that this is what i am ment to be doing. There is simply no other choice for me then to be making drawings and products that makes other people feel something. Just like the affected that others creative work affects me.
    I do it for myself aswell as for others, i think thats why i share so much of my art. And i constantly get feedback because i want others to be a part of my process. 🙂

    Love, Nille

  • @audreydwg YEP, for me aswel!

  • hmmm.. i feel compelled to post a comment here but Im not sure why. I mean... what drives us to create? i think its about a natural human instinct we all have to communicate, to feel understood and accepted and blah blah. but lets be realistic just for a moment. gifts? i make stuff for people all the time and enjoy doing it, but it doesn't drive me. I mean its a very idealistic and i don't want to come across as a downer. but art tools and supplies are expensive and creation is time consuming, most people don't appreciate what goes in to the process of creating something. so i have to be driven by the need to provide for my family without having to dig ditches or scrub toilets. To be lucky enough to create in the cool breeze of whimsy and generosity is a luxury i simply do not have. but its a real cute cartoon:)

  • @kevinpaul Oh Kevin, thats totally ok. but what the cartoon says by giving presents' its not meant as 'do it for free' A gift is your tribute to life, presented as an piece of art, its even great when people pay you to do that and you can make a living out of it. Main thing is that my first drive is not to create for money, because that would be a dead end road, but create because I want to add meaning to life.

  • i understand why you posted this and i understand what drives you to create. i didn't mean to antagonize you or attempt to abate your personal drive to create. my previous post as i re-read it now, has a bit of a grumpy flavor to it. it seems i was answering a question about what i think drives people "in general" and i was possibly, opportunistically, griping about my problems.
    allow me to try that again.
    my drive to create....is like my desire to scratch an itch, that i can't reach.... i don't know why.....just because its itchy.
    i can say.... that i am not thinking about money or fame or gifts when i try to create. when im trying to create something, I'm trying to capture something special and if i do capture it, i will want to share it. as far as money is concerned....... was it the chicken or the egg that came first?

  • @kevinpaul hi Kevin, LOVE your itchy comment! Its wasn't grumpy at all. I wish I had a economical talent, but the thing that drives me to get out of my bed in the morning is creating, so I am not really fit for a well paid job. But I love what I am doing: drawing, and it makes me sooo proud getting paid for it, so that I can support my family and feed my four teenage boys (they are always hungry). When I can take them to a restaurant, ore buy them a new pair of trousers Yes! I think for you its just the same. So in the end, its seems that we agree. XD

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