October 3rd: Ostrich in a logplane WIP

  • Hi!
    So this is my progress so far. In a spirit of October I inked my underdrawing...and failed 😃 Well, I wont be using scanned inked image for my next digital painting.. as I find it easier to work with if I ink it also digitally.
    I will have to scrap the whole background, this just does not work. What you think about the ostrich and his craft?

  • This is super, Jiri! I love the plane, great idea. 🙂 It is really cute, how Ostrich is squeezed in the vehicle. lol.
    This is maybe too early to say something about it, but I cannot really tell, how Ostrich really feels. Is he happy about his first flight? 🙂

  • @Jana Thanks 🙂 Mr. Ostrich was supposed to shriek in terror, but when I added goggles the terror disappeard...so I guess he will shriek in excitement 🙂

  • Okay, then I was wrong. For me he looked more like singing in happiness or so... 🙂 But this would also be funny!
    Maybe an extremely straight neck could make the shrieking more obvious... and/or a spout wide open with his tongue out or so. 🙂

  • I dont know... am I finished? How do I push this?

  • ooor like this?ostrich3.jpg

  • SVS OG

    This looks great - it seems a bit washed out though to me - here i took your image and duplicated the layer and turned it into a multiply layer - i then went back in with a 40% opacity eraser and erased back out the areas that went too dark - also added a little light to the top of the ostrich body - this took about a 2 minutes total but i was just trying to show how saturating the foreground (the plane and ostrich) will help separate it from the background - i think you are using atmospheric perspective on the tail end of the plane to good effect but i think the wings are too close to us to have this effect - great image! i love the log idea -ostrich2.jpg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Wow. You are totally right.

  • better?

  • SVS OG

    I love the aircraft!! If you want terror, maybe he needs to have a death grip on the branches! I like the last one, I would eliminate most of the lines, just have them trailing from the plane. Right now they force your eye to a spot of nothing

  • @Lynn-Larson I kinda like his excitement 🙂 So I will keep it. But I will have to get rid of the lines and do something with the wind, you are right that it is pointing to nothing.

  • SVS OG

    @Jiří-Kůs I like his excitement too! Are you going to make the animals stand out a bit more?

  • I really like your image here, the aircraft looks really good! And yes I was wondering about the other animals as well.

  • SVS OG

    Looks better for sure! So to me the plane and the Ostrich are well done - i think that the ground has that airbrushed photoshop feel to it - i hope you don't mind me throwing ideas out as i am not an authority on any of this - but i think even bad feedback that we don't agree with lets us know what other folks see in our work - so i think that the position of the plane relative to the ground may be making it difficult to compose a group of animals for the drawing - i would reimagine the background in a few thumbnails and see what you come up with and then treat it similarly to how you treated the plane and ostrich with inky lines but with lighter weight - you could imagine him just having buzzed the group of animal friends and he has pulled straight up afterwards...so we are looking straight down at the ground and the group of animals could be in the upper leftish area (rule of thirds area)..you could even have your con-trail lines drawn to show the path he just flew over them ...this is just one idea to make it easier to present the animals that seem key to the prompt to the viewer for a quick visual read - but i think it is important to get rid of the airbrushed expanses in the background and give it the same life that the plane and ostrich have

  • One thing that stands out to me is that the propeller is static. I would almost leave out the detail of the propeller and indicate it with an ellipse and some shading to give the feeling of it moving.

  • @Kevin-Longueil
    Yeah, my first idea is in the first image and I later realized it just did not work. I was so focused on the angle to show off the plane and make some action look, that I made it really hard to show the animals. Maybe I will scrap the background and go back to thumbs...

    Darn I thought nobody will notice it. I really wanted to draw the engine and blurred propeller would hide it 😃 Maybe I will try to blur it more.

  • SVS OG

    go to jake's ink class, and check the pdf...he has a couple aircraft 🙂

  • @Lynn-Larson as a matter of fact I have two Jakes airplanes inked, lying on the floor 😃 Should have looked at it more I guess.

  • Thanks for all the feedback... its done...

  • SVS OG

    Love it!!!

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