Rockwell Master Copy

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    I recently finished this Rockwell master copy. It was a fun project, it definitely pushed me. I'm not super comfortable in Photoshop (I love Illustrator), so it really helped me to get in the program and really use it to make a finished picture for the first time in a long time.


    You can see it by the reference photo here:

    I wanted my process for this to imitate oil painting as closely as possible. So, no layers--everything was done on the base canvas layer.

    Also, I did not do any color picking from my reference picture, I only picked colors I had already laid down on my own copy. My thinking was that my canvas could represent the “palette” of colors that I had already mixed, while the reference photo was just that--my reference. This was also just a good exercise in color matching using the Photoshop color tools, which I am NOT perfect at, so you will notice some color differences between the two if you look on my blog.

    Third, I used brushes with over 70% opacity for the initial 70% of the painting, and then used less opaque brushes or blending tools later. To me, this was like laying down paints on a blank canvas to start, and then painting into wet paints later in the process.

    I also did not zoom in for the first 70% or so of the painting. This is kind of an indirect correlation, but to me this was like using big brushes to get in the main details in the beginning, and only moving on to smaller brushes to get the little details in the end.

    Lastly, I tried to match the textures as well as I could, but since I’m relatively inexperienced in Photoshop there was a lot of learning and experimenting with the brushes to try and achieve this, and I still have a lot of work to do there. This is what I felt was least successful in my piece.

    Textures and colors were my big struggles, and drawing accuracy is always something to work on.

    I started this on Saturday and have spent at least a couple hours on it every day (except Sunday) since then. It isn't perfect but I've spent many hours starting at it, and I think I learned what I wanted to learn from doing the project, so I'm calling it done.

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    Beautiful! I love the tones in your skin. Getting a painted texture in Photoshop is a lot of work, and I think you accomplished this wonderfully! Nice job 🙂

  • Very nice. We all should practice more by studying the masters.

  • I think you did a beautiful job here 😃 love it!

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    Wow this was quite an undertaking and to think you did this with limited experience in Photoshop is even more impressive! I think you did a great job of being able to create the look of the texture and brush strokes.

    On a side note is it just me or does the guy in the painting look like a young Bing Crosby?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Wow. That looks great. Keep up the good Photoshop painting.

  • love this!

  • Impressive

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