October 3rd Thurs WiP

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    Kind of struggling with this month's prompt. Here are my starting notes and thumbs. Not as many as with Charly, but i guess this one is a little more specific. I'm imagining the characters about 1st graders, little kids and building things like little kids do, cardboard and tape!

    and a rough for Ostrich's head hehe

    oops...sorry for the bad, HUGE pics 😣

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    Worked up a few more thumbnails...finally found one that is starting to appeal to me lol! Any suggestions?

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    Hi Lynn, I like your thumbnails and think you are off to a good start. I know these are just small thumbnails used for brainstorming ideas, but once you settle on an idea don't forget about playing with camera angle. Since flight is involved, all sorts of cool things can be done with compositions looking up or looking down. All of yours are from the side now (which is great for just getting ideas down).

    Good luck and let me know if you have any questions at all. : )


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    @Lee-White Thank you so much Lee! Switching the perspective is one of my biggest difficulties, so definitely going to work on it!

  • Liking the concepts. I like the ramp idea. I would love to see some different camera angles. I also find they are difficult to come up with. I seem to get stuck on side view. What I've been doing is looking at reference photos and illustrations using different angles and trying to impose my idea onto theirs. Doesn't always work but it's helped me visualize different perspectives where I could't before. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    @Jonathon-B Thanks Jonathon! I really appreciate the vote of confidence! And great advice on the camera angles, i struggle so much with it. I have an idea, i'll have to see if i can find a good reference 🙂

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    Think i'm making headway with perspective for this one 🙂 C&C welcome as always!

  • This one is a very dynamic perspective and i really like it. I think it would be very nice if you can make Astrid has some interaction with those three looking up. Maybe tilt or change the aircraft angle a bit so Astrid can be seen.

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    @Naroth-Kean Thanks! I was thinking about making ostrich wave at them or something

  • Really like the Ostrich character studies! I can visulise him (her?) in 3D, wounderful! (:

    I'm not so good at explaining things so I hope you don't mind but I did a kinda paint-over thing.



    First thing that struck me was how even the characters looking up were, shown with the red line, what I've done is try to give a bit of rytheme to their flow. Also I've marked their line-of-action with green, in the original it's straight, what I've tried to do is make their body express their emotion.

    I hope you're able to figure out what I'm getting at, like I said I'm not all too good with explaining things but if you are confused lemme know and I'll try explaining a little differently! (:

    I really like how this is going though! Keep it up!


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    @cStoneArt Thanks Chris! I understand what you are saying just fine! That was a very rough sketch...actually done with a ballpoint on scratch paper hehe. I have reworked it, i'll have to upload it later. I did add some animation to the characters, and have ostrich looking at them and waving. I'll have to see if i hit the mark!

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  • Very cute!!! Nice perspective, this is going to be awesome!!!!

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    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Thanks Thrace 🙂 still unsure...someone was confuse on the layout of the animals 😕

  • @Lynn-Larson I think this is so cool looking and very different from others. I love seeing the ostrich above looking down with his roller skates on!!

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    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears thanks dear! the skates make me laugh. just thinking about roller skates and a jet engine 😛

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    Like the others I really enjoy the perspective you have gone with on this one. And the skates are perfect especially as a focal point from this angle. Nice job!

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    @Rich-Green Thanks Rich 😃 I may have to make the wheels glow with heat hehe

  • oh man. i wish i thought of that point of view. looking good.

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    Conversation in my head last week -

    i don't like the girl critter...i think it's maybe a monkey, and i don't what a monkey. Oooh...a zebra! Yeah, a zebra would be cool

    Conversation in my head now -

    Zebra! Who the @#$! thought a zebra would be good??!? You know how many stripes they have? Too, way too many!! ...grumble mutter explitive... and your trees suck ... let's go play WoW

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