3rd Thursday progress

  • Here are my thumbnails for the October 3T. I tried to keep everything as simple as possible at this point. I would love any feedback and to know which one you guys like the best. Thanks

  • @Jonathon-B Great POV variations! You're off to a great start 🙂

    I quite like #1, but focus is more on the ground animals rather than the ostrich so prob not ideal for focal point. So I'd say the ones I think work best (with focus on the ostrich and interesting POV & composition) is the middle one, the bottom left or the bottom right. The bottom right one has the feeling of doom I think since the ostrich is so small and so high up - emotionally that one grabs me the most in terms of worrying for the bird's safety.

    It's likely b/c you're at a very rough thumb stage, but make sure you're character development of the bird makes him look more ostrich-like than duck-like 🙂

    Can't wait to see how this will turn out!

  • SVS OG

    I said "awww" at the one in the nursery! hehe, very cute and creative on that one 🙂

  • Oh yes - I overlooked that one! I love the nursery concept one too. Very creative 🙂

  • Great thumbnails. I like the third from the top and the nursery one. Look forward to seeing what you do!

  • SVS OG

    Really like the nursery one with the mobile! Very cute and clever concept!

  • Thanks guys, after giving it some consideration and based your comments I'm going to develop the nursery idea. I think it will be an excellent gift for my new baby due in March 🙂 . Thanks for the advice @DanetteDraws . Your right about the ostrich. I haven't started the character designs yet but I'll do some research and get him looking ostrich-y . Super stoked to get busy on this one.

  • SVS OG

    Woohoo! Congratulations! The nursery picture would be great for a new baby!! how exciting 😃

  • Been working on some ostrich reference. The stylized ones are reference from other artists. Not sure how I'm going to make him my own so I better go watch some of the character design classes 😉 I was trying out a white ink pen I've had laying around forever. I don't love it but that's probably because I haven't practiced much. img430.jpg

  • @Jonathon-B I like the middle one that you drew the best. I think it is very cute!

  • SVS OG

    Isn't it amazing how square their heads are? Toned paper is awesome!! Try a good ol white Prismacolor...i like it much better for white highlights, saving the gel pen for sharper lights

  • Thanks @thrace-shirley-mears and @lynn-larson , yeah I was noticing the squareness of the face, and I love the expression they all seem to have. Like a goofy frown. I think I'm gonna go look for a white Prisma right now.

  • Finally got a chance to work on this some. The idea is that the animals are all toys in a child's nursery. I put the ostrich in the plane as if he's been placed there by someone, which is why his legs are hanging out the side of the plane. I really struggled with the perspective and layout of this piece so if you noticed anything off I would appreciate the feedback.


  • @Jonathon-B Hi Johnathon, Its a lovely piece the perspective seems to bee good, there is a lot to see, except for one thing, there is not really something happening here. Its almost a still life. maybe you can ask yourself ' what do children find attractive? How do I get some tension here? what is the unexpected?

  • @Leontine Thanks for the response, I took your advice and tried to liven up the characters a bit. Put a bit more action into the drawing and give the characters some different facial expressions. Hopefully that does the trick.


  • @Jonathon-B Hi Johnaton, well done! its so nice to give each other tips. I am impressed by your effort to push it! Quite curious about the colored version. I hope I can still join in as well but I am not sure, since I am so busy by assignments.

  • Here's a quick tonal study I did. This is the first time I've ever worked this way( I usually just dive right in with the colors) so any advice is welcome ostrich_flight_2_tone_study.jpg

  • Hey,

    It's looking great and I love the almost Toy Story idea of it.

    As for values, I'd maybe separate the ostrich more as the biggest contrast seem to be the lighting on the bed/ pillow which don't need the eye drawing there and the wall on the right?

    Hope that helps,

  • Yep, I think you're right @ace-connell . Thanks

  • I know I'm really pushing the deadline here but I wanted to get some feedback for this value study, before I start coloring..... Looks like it's gonna be an all nighter.


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