Need some help!

  • hi there, Nice detective. It seems like his mouth is turned around and you could push the shades as well. Here is my thought. hope it works for you. the feel look a bit weird, maybe you should place them at one line, it looks a bit as if he's falling backwards? hope this is helpful. detective.png

  • The right hand gripping the glowing object looks ackward. Wouldn't he be holding the object using his index finger and thumb? Would a slight bend in that arm add to the figure's pose?

  • i like the idea, very funny. from what i can tell the proportion of your figure is wrong this is throwing your image off. the head is too big and i think arms are too long. Keep going you'll get there.

  • Thank you guys so much for the feedback. Here is the newest update with some of the revisions that I made. Fixed his hand and the angle his arm was and flipped the mouth to what it should have been. (Should have listened to my wife when she told me that the first time haha) I also tried to darken the shadows a bit. DetectiveRevised.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Woohoo!! Looks great! the proportions fit together so much better! I still think you should flip that left foot to face forward, but that is just me 🙂 Nice job!

  • Wow, it looks so much better!

  • Thanks everyone!

  • So I ended up giving this a bit of a draw over. I think the idea is good, it's just the silhouette needs a bit of tweaking. I gave him more of a streamlined look, since he tends to be lanky. Also changed his pose, since it was a bit confusing if he was confident or unsure of himself. Then I also changed the hand, as it was difficult to read before.


  • Think about your characters silhouette, if that reads well, then you're on the right track. Good work so far.

  • So much better. Keep going!

  • @Ben-Rudnicki142 Hi There Ben, Your on the right track there!

  • Thanks @javier-diaz the draw over makes more sense. I was trying to go for a more dynamic pose like this 306770-the-great-mouse-detective.jpg but even with that I don't have that line of action correct. I definitely agree I need to make it more readable. The hand makes a lot more sense as well seeing it the way you did. I will keep reworking this and post the update when I get a chance.

  • Ok here is my latest revision. I changed the hands as per your suggestion @javier-diaz . I also adjusted that rear foot like you mentioned @lynn-larson. I tried readjusting the posing but I need to work on that more as it seemed like a completely different character, I probably just need to work on it more but I was growing frustrated with it. DetectiveRevised2.jpg DetectivePoseChange.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I looks much better to me, but i see where you were trying to go with it 🙂 the mouse's shoulders are back much further, which makes the rear facing foot seem more in line. The latest version is going well 🙂

  • What might help you in finding the right pose is to draw a stick figure over your reference detective and to use this stick figure as base for your drawing. Don't give up... 😊

  • You're on the right track! Ended up doing a bit of a draw over again. In that reference image of TGMD, I would look at his pose. They are really pushing it. Of course, that is more whimsical, but the same rules apply.

    I also shortened the extended arm as it was too large.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hello everyone, I'm not a pro so my advise is only my opinion and experimentation, so don't take this as expert advise. I did some tweaking of the pose and added a dynamic pose as the mouse. It's really, really exaggerated. I either butchered the image or made some surgical work to it, but it's up to you if I've helped or not.

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