October 3rd Thursday

  • SVS Team

    Oct 3rd.jpg

    "None of the animals could believe their eyes. The aircraft worked! For the first time Ostrich was actually flying!"


    One entry per person
    jpeg images only
    Images should not be larger than 2000 pixels in the long dimension
    Label your jpeg with your name (ex: joeSmith.jpg)
    Illustrations that do not fit the category or prompt will not be considered.
    You grant the right to display your artwork on www.svslearn.com


    Images must be submitted before 12:00 noon EST October 15th 2015
    Images must be sent to svslearninfo@gmail.com for consideration
    In the email please include your Instagram and Twitter username (we want to tag the winners)
    Posting your image in the forum is a great way to get feedback leading up to the competition

    How it works:

    The day after each 3rd Thursday competition we will announce a NEW illustration prompt for the following month. Anyone may enter - you don’t need permission - just start creating. We will accept submissions up to 12:00 noon EST (That’s 9:00AM for California) on the 3rd Thursday of the month. At 11:00PM EST we will critique 5 of the best submissions on that same 3rd Thursday in our online GoToMeeting classroom. It is free for anyone to join in and watch us critique each image according to design/composition standards and appropriate storytelling principles and intended category. We will provide the joining information at a later date so check back on our Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/schoolofvisualstorytelling

    Out of the 5 entries we pick for critique we will award 3 of them with two free classes of their choice. Once someone has won they will not be eligible to have their work critiqued or win the free classes for one year - giving more artists the chance to win.

    Our goal for this competition is to give you real world assignments that will help you add relevant artwork to your portfolio that will hopefully help you land assignment work from publishers. You will be able to pick up many tips and tricks by attending our monthly critique sessions online for free. Good luck and we’ll look forward to seeing your creations in September!

    Check out September's 3rd Thursday:

    Here are last month's winners:

    Jason Baskin follow him on Twitter @baskindraws

    Katrina Fowler See more here: katrinafowler.com

    Marlo Garnsworthy follow her here @MarloWordyBird

  • Owww, I feel some really nice illustrations coming up already! XD LOL

  • Inktober will be quite busy so I had to do this months 3rd thursday really early. Anyway, here is my off competition entry:

  • Here's my entry:
    Ostrich Flight_Final_sm.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Here is mine 🙂 Excellent work so far!

  • ostrichpost.jpg

  • Here's what I've been working on. My first traditional paining for Third Thursday. A first for me on may levels. Cheers!

    First Flight
    Acrylic on paper
    12.5 x 15.5

  • SVS OG


    I did not have the time to finish this off as well as I wanted, but I wanted to get it in anyway. Its fun to see all these entries!

  • SVS OG

    Do we need to submit the finished images here as well?

  • SVS OG

    @shinjifujioka I was wondering the same thing. I emailed mine but not sure. Going to post just in case...


  • Here is mine.

    I emailed mine a few days ago but then last night I got paranoid and emailed it to them again just in case. I guess they don't email a "got it-thanks" back. Makes me nervous but I'm sure they are pretty busy!

  • @Dulcie @shinjifujioka you don't have to post here. Just email. I think many of us like to share our finals with each other before the critique.

  • Here's my submission. See you all tonight!

  • didn't we used to do these friday night?

  • NancyGormezanosmallerWEB.jpg Here's my unfinished and first attempt at entering. I am amazed at the quality of work I see here in the forums!

  • Here is my entry.


  • @Damien-Rambacher said:

    Here's my entry:
    Ostrich Flight_Final_sm.jpg

    I don't know if it's impolite to say this but, I reaallly don't know how this didn't make the top 5. I tried to think about the different crits they had on the top 5 they did pick and I just don't see those same issues with this piece. In other words: this piece seemed a lot stronger than some of the ones picked.

    The reason why I'm a little frustrated is because if I can't even see WHY this didn't get picked I'm not sure if I can figure out how to get better in my own work. Don't get me wrong, several of the top 5 were really great and I get why they were chosen (especially @shinjifujioka 's work!) but I'm just confused on some of them.

    Again, I'm not trying to be rude in any way, and I feel like Kanye West here, but this one deserved a better place.

  • Everyone did so well this month and like the guys said, picking just 5 is hard!

    Well done everyone!

  • @mattramsey Well from my observations top five are not usually top. Winners are top, but the second two are usually chosen by "critiquability" and originality. You know something where the community can benefit from the critique, where some interesting issue arises, or the person can learn much from the critique.

    When I look at this, it is beautifly rendered and it is a good illustration of the topic. So I think it was just a bad luck.

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