3rd Thursday Entry: Missed deadline, but would still love any feedback...

  • So I mis-read the rules and thought I had til later to submit....oh well. Today was the first opportunity I had to try and get involved around here, so it figures I'd do things wrong in my first shot, haha.

    I would still like to get feedback from someone on my concept. It's not finished, but I had fun with it and think it could possibly have some potential as a portfolio piece.

    I've roughed in the values and placement of things, color will be coming soon, but I thought it would be good to see if anyone saw something wrong with the values before I move forward since I realized I'm not under a deadline crunch any more. That second lion is going to be a bit darker, my hand is just cramping from trying to get this done for the past few hours and needs a break. 😛

  • Wow very impress, really different take on everyone elses.

  • SVS OG

    Very cool concept! I love the massiveness of the lions!

  • Kasey,
    I like the concept and look forward to seeing the finished piece. Here are a couple of thoughts that I hope will be helpful. Knowing you are not finished, these may be invalid since you may have already addressed them.

    #1. It took me several seconds to find Charly in the picture because he is so small. I would look for a way to make him more prominent. Maybe you can bring the white mist down so Charly is silhouetted in white.

    #2. The wings on the lions do not look convincingly attached. I recommend looking at other illustrations of flying creatures to get an idea of how other artists have handled that.

    Good work so far. I hope this is helpful.

  • I too had a difficult time finding Charly in the illustration. Neat concept! Flying lions...who doesn't think that is cool.

  • Thank you very much everyone for your feedback. @TJ_Lange I definitely need to define those areas more, you're right. Going to try and tackle this later today when I get some time.

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