Brave- Merida fan-art WIP feedback please

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    Hi @Leontine-Gaasenbeek - the first few things that jumped out at me were the lack of eyebrows (which I see you have already commented on) and also the black eyeliner effect on her eyes. It really distracts from the overall red hair and eyelashes Merida has in the film and I think that throws me off quite a bit. And then as Kevin mentioned her pupils should remain small to add that fierce intensity that is part of her rebellious character. Finally as you begin to get more detail on the image - her hair here looks thick and heavy. But I think her hair is actually finer and while curly also a bit frizzy. So some of your detail work with thin lines and stray hairs would really go far as well.

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    I found this awesome tutorial - she shows how to render a face like the one you are working on - very impressive ....

  • @Rich-Green Thanks Rich, Ill take your comments with me whilst working on this one.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks, Ill check it out!

  • Pay really close attention to the shape of the eyes. Jake Parker talks about how our brains turn things into symbols and eyes seem to take on an almond shape symbol where the top and the bottom of the eye are the same shape and size. In reality eyes have a deeper curve on the top and a subtler flatter curve on the bottom. Animated characters usually push that contrast so you get the Disney style gumdrop shaped eye. Also the color around her eyes get's a bit dark and it's kind of making her look tired and maybe older than she should be. You have a good start on the hair remember to start with big blocky shapes and work your way down o a few detailed hairs. It's all about illusion with hair.

    Hope that helps. It's looking good so far.

  • @Jonathon-B thanks so much for your comments. Its really helpfull!

  • No problem. Here's a link I was just looking at about painting hair.

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    Hi @Leontine-Gaasenbeek I hope you don't mind, but I took a minute to do a little paint over. I'm not the best at this, and I'm not saying THIS is the solution, but I thought it might help a little.


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    Hey there, I thought I'd chime in too. I'm a HUGE fan of copy work and I assign this kind of thing all the time! It's great practice because there is something so tangible to work from. I think we should all do these kinds of projects throughout our whole career! So great job getting this going.

    When I assign this type of project, I have my students do a careful analysis of things before starting the painting. This helps a ton with getting it right and having it go smoothly. First we start with a break down of all the major shapes and design elements. Then we move to value and what kind of finish will be required (rough brushwork vs. rendering). then we get into color breakdowns and any other detail that is needed.

    When doing this kind of work, I advise you to put some reference images on your page (especially if it's digital because it's so easy to do). That way when people see your work they can compare it to the source very easily. It will also help you see where you should go when you are painting.

    Here's a quick breakdown of some things I noticed with your version when I compared it to the actual brave character. Feel free to use it as a start or make your own "style guide" as needed. : )

    Happy painting!


  • @Jake-Parker thank you very much for the effort to help me with this. Super! Ill take your advice to the next fase!

  • @Lee-White Wow, Lee, thanks for this 'breakdown'. Its really very helpful. You've put so much effort in this for me, and it makes me eager to continue.

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