Postcard for Publishers

  • @Lee-White Wow thanks so much for all the tips! I wished I would've checked back on this because I already went and worked out the basic lighting and started blocking in color! lol! No problem though, I'm so glad you pointed out the size issue, I have never thought about it before, but I will definitely go back and make all the adjustments.

    Thanks also for the tips on postcards. I know it can take a while to hear back and you must send them regularly. I'm going to try and send them out every 3 months, since it can get a bit expensive.

    I'm so pumped to have gotten my piece critiqued by you! I've been needing a good, honest, and helpful critique. I might not be able to send this out for Halloween in time, but at the very least it will make a good portfolio piece.

  • Witches are my weakness, so I love everything about this postcard! I do agree about your main character's pose though... Changing it up would help her look more lively. Then, to contrast, I actually love the fact that the cat is just so still, with his eyes all big, like he's just in shock. To me it's amusing. He's kind of got a Jiji vibe going on.

    Can't wait for the finished piece!

  • postcard6.jpg

    Here is the 3 lighting situations I came up with before I began adding color. I ended up using the middle one.

  • postcard_paint.jpg

    Here is the final!

    I changed the items Lee pointed out. They really made a huge difference!

  • SVS OG

    Very Nice!

  • SVS OG

    Really beautiful @Sharon-Sordo! Thanks for sharing your process with us as well - was fun to watch!

  • SVS OG

    Hey that looks amazing! I love the eerie greeny-white lighting, that is just perfect and beautifully rendered 🙂

  • This month has been a good month for people uploading awesome work! The lighting here is gorgeous!


  • I like it. Nice job.

  • Thanks everybody for your sweet comments! Also thanks for SVS Learn and their amazing tutorials, I have learned so much from them. You guys rock!

  • SVS OG

    I keep on coming back to this image like a moth to a flame, lol. I really like how you depicted the light emanating from the globe. And her expression adds so much life to her character 🙂

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