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    im not sure how i ended up here. I did start this in color but when it gradually turned into mud i ran back to black and white with my tail between my legs. it evolved into this old grainy photo thing. aren't all photos of sasquatch grainy and out of focus?

  • Haha, Its like a snapped photo 🙂 great work and a nice twist.

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    Hello Kevin...i'll be the 51st Kevin you know no;).....i like your painting - here re the things that pop out at me as possibly needing a tweak - they eyes of the dancing sasquatches are the off the shelf variety - the one on the left has eyelids that follow the shape of the eye and the one in the middle too - i think you can have eyes wide open like you want but the eye lids need to follow the form of the eye - your values sure look pretty good - are you working in photoshop? - i'm sure you tried multiply and or overly layers when you were dig color but it looks like you have done much of the work already and only need to add local color and warm highlights - i love the idea of a grainy about pushing it a bit further ..adding that white border around it that old photos always had..and the bent corners and the little could get an image of an old beat up photo and put his over it and jus use the edges of it...also the post it distracts from the could write in ball-point pen in old aunt edna's script on the photo making sure to over the white border a bit to really give it that..i just took this photo out of grandmas shoebox look to it.....just a bunch of random thoughts...really i like your piece..welcome to the site!!

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    ....."know"..not "no".... 😕

  • Im so glad you said that about those eyes, now I can settle an argument that i was having with myself. those eyes were really bugging me. I am struggling to find a "style".
    yes, i am kind of working with photoshop but i only have "elements" which i understand is the most basic version. it came free with the wacom tablet i bought 4 or 5 years ago and just dug out of the closet. which by the way, i can't use very well so I am still using my mouse. I was painting with the multiply and some filters, at some point i applied a grainy layer and couldn't figure out how to remove it so i decided to work with it. next time i will duplicate the layer first so i can delete it if i want. i actually did put a white border around the photo , i should have made it wider. the torn edge and the post-it were all about me playing with photoshop. i had the photo paper-clipped to the page of a journal at one point but i felt like it was way too much.
    thank you for your random thoughts . very helpful stuff.

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    I really like it 😃 I think if you could rough up the post it would look more appropriate. It looks brand new, like you just added it which clashes with the aged look of the photo.

    I use photoshop 2, I'll send you a link...hopefully lol

  • @Maureen-BF Yes, the eyes are weird. here are the sketches were i was trying to develop a look for the young squatch. The dancers are supposed to be his parents so i was trying to carry the look over to the grown-ups. didn't work out too well. back to the drawing board. thanks.
    eyes .png

  • I like the image and the style. Let talk about composition, I would move the shortest guy behind the big dude because right now his face is close to her hip and his hair is interfering and breaking the beautiful shape between those two dancing sasquatches. I would do something with Charly's face so he really looks at them partying.

  • @Naroth-Kean HI . I appreciate the composition tip. luckily i can easily move them around, I had the young one in the area of the post-it originally and it does make sense compositionally , but, he then seemed to be engaging the viewer (since i drew him facing forward), which i didn't want. by putting him between them I could give the impression that he was looking at the mother squatch. i considered removing him entirely. I also lost a lot of expression the with the filter i used. especially in charley who is pretty blurred out so you can't really tell what he is looking at. just that he is looking in their general direction. Thanks.

  • @kevinpaul Nice work with great detail in the twists and turns on the dancing creatures!

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