Slowvember - Penguins

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    Since I couldn't decide what to do for Slowvember, I decided to use this to work on our Xmas card.
    I'm doing a family of Penguins this year.
    These are a couple of sketches .

    0_1510345378184_Photo 10-11-2017, 20 05 59.jpg


  • I liked the ones of them inside the blanket fort.

    I painted my colour study on top of my sketch, with copic markers.

    0_1510345489399_Photo 10-11-2017, 20 06 41.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @mf-james They're all so cute. I actually like the one with the Christmas Tree best, I think. The one in the blanket fort is really cute too though, and unique for a Christmas card. It doesn't quite look liek Christmas to me though. Maybe if ou had both red and green lights or some othe Chritmas-type emblemage -christmas cookies on the tray or a stocking hanging....just a thought.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thanks for your suggestions. I could make it more Xmasy, but I decided against the Xmas tree one so I can send it to all of our friends regardless of their religious beliefs. But I would add the cookies for sure. That is a great idea. Thanks

  • Its cute:) How about Christmas drawing with the famous fox?;)

  • @mf-james I like this one best too--unique and charming!

  • @aska I also would like to see what Finnegan is up to for the holidays 😊

  • @MF-James

    They’re all so cute! I like the third best because it’s family snuggle time, so the focus seems more on family bond than on each member’s focus decorating different parts of the tree or snowman. Even tho they’re looking at the book you’ve got the little one snuggling up to dad and one very in sync focus on the book page. Also like this one because it seems more candid, looking through the fort door into their space.

    I agree more Christmas focus for the fort tho, liked the suggestion on red and green lights, cookies/milk, maybe a Christmas pattern somewhere, matching pjs or Santa hats, maybe just think about how you dec your own place and put something personal to your family like an heirloom ornament or something recognizable to family and friends who visit your home.

    Nice work!

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