overwhelmed- any advice?

  • I've questioned this too! in fact I made a post here on SVS called How To Draw Everyday and so many people added their thoughts and experiences about drawing everyday, even Lee White gave his thoughts.

    So what Lee White told me was to gather your favorite artwork from great artists and make a sort of Dream Portfolio(also a great thread on the forums) to make master copies and study the artwork.

  • @ben-migliore will check out that post, thanks!

  • @ben-migliore thanks! lots of good advice there.

  • We are in the process of creating a very detailed curriculum to follow here that will hopefully help here. We are also launching a lot more classes with feedback so that may be an option too. : )

  • @lee-white Thank you Lee! Really appreciate SVS classes and this forum has also been an awesome resource. Looking forward to the curriculum and the new classes!

  • @missmushy

    I’m completely new as well so take this into consideration. I was Flittering from one place to the next as well until I decided to work on one project piece and put the focus on making that piece great. I’m like two weeks in so again this is all new to me BUT what I’m finding is that when I watch the SVS courses, and can apply it to my one piece, it’s much more satisfying than doing a bunch of irrelevant or what seems to be irrelevant exercises.

    Mine is just a fun piece I want to make for my grandma, but in it I have to figure out a composition, draw a human figure, draw bunch of the same type of animal, I have to draw action, I have to draw perspective, find tone possibly color... there’s a lot to figure out for one illustration. So, first I started with my idea so I watched Lee’s storytelling video, went from there to composition, so I watched the creative composition videos and the environmental design videos and played with shapes and lines and tonal thumbnails, practiced silhouettes and stylization, the list goes on and it’s been a learning process for sure. But it’s been fun because it’s all going to a fun project I want to make.. for fun.

    So my advice is... work on a project you wanna do and implement the knowledge you absorb. Rework and revisit and give yourself grace. It’ll take time but it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Best of luck!

  • @kali-williams great advice! I am mulling over a few ideas for a children’s book, really just a thing for family, so it might be a good opportunity to apply this approach. I might be too chicken to post pics tho lol! 😳 oh well baby steps, eh?

  • @missmushy

    Sounds like a great idea to me. An entire book is a lot of work but it would be a great project to complete. Just don’t be too hard on yourself to do things fast etc.

  • @kali-williams thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  • @missmushy Hi there! my advice although it might sound a bit strange is to enter all the art contests/ challeges you can.I have been doing this for a few years and even though I know I wont win a prize the experience of working to a deadline with a set idea is a great learning experience.What i have noticed is now I am getting faster at completing the tasks and getting the ideas down. I even have won a few prizes.Even if you do the challeges and dont post the results it still helps.

  • @dottyp never thought to use contests that way.. good idea! thanks!