Slowvember - Frisky Fox

  • Decided to get in on the Slowvember action! Rough sketch finished, then went in to just play around with highlights and shadows to see where I would like them. I'm really working on trying to bring more "life & movement" to my artwork since I felt past pieces looked too stagnant and posed. Definitely trying to pace myself, I'm eager to add color! Now to clean it up a bit. I would love feedback and thoughts!

    0_1510181608480_Slowvember_Frisky Fox.png

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    @jajajulie Maybe add the arms of the snowman up in the air. At first with out color It was hard to read what the bottom way. At first it looked like a bowling ball since the bottom button looks more like a hole then a rock or piece of coal.

  • Good idea @chip-valecek! I'll give him some arms flailing about! Haha

    I see what you mean about the bottom portion of the snowman. I definitely need to make them look more like buttons. I think the shadow I added also gives it the sunken in hole look which you're right, resembles the holes in a bowling ball! Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

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    @jajajulie one more thing, it looks like the scarf is coming out of the foxes mouth instead of him/her holding it.

  • I intended for it to be coming out of its mouth as if the fox tore a piece of it from the snowman and is running off with it. I was inspired by my cat who loves fabrics and strings and likes to run around with them haha 🙂 That's why the snowman is so upset. Well mostly due to the fox jumping on him but also ruining his scarf! @chip-valecek

  • 0_1510375497689_Frisky Fox.jpg

    Added the flailing arms to the snowman and fixed the buttons. Tweaked the palette to be more vibrant. Laying in some colors on the fox but still playing around with it! 🙂

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    @jajajulie nailed it with the arms and buttons

  • Thanks! 😃 @chip-valecek

  • SVS OG

    HI! I like your illustration. It's CUTE. I think you can work on more on the snowman though. When I first saw your illustration, I thought "what's that ball with holes under the cat?". And then, "Hey, there's a snowman behind the kitten but where is its body?". And finally, "Oh! That ball is the snowman's body!". It's a bit hard to discern the snowman. Perhaps you can show off his face all angry and stuff. Other than that, I don't think there's anything else that needs major tweaking. Great job! I hope this helps.

  • Hi @JajaJulie , this is really a cute piece! I like the idea of the fox grabbing the scarf, but it looks kind of like the fox is dispensing the scarf from its mouth. If the end of the scarf is in the fox's mouth, why is there still a scarf flowing behind the snowman? For me, it would read more clearly if the fox were carrying the scarf and it looked more like the fox is biting it to run off with it. That way, you could still have the scarf flowing back, but connected to the bit in front. I also think the scarf could be a bit wider. Just my observations, though. I really like this--the fox is adorable and the snowman looks sufficiently annoyed! 🙂

  • I hope that made sense. Put the middle of the scarf in the fox's mouth instead of the end. It made sense in my head--Haha!

  • Hi @nyrryl-cadiz! I will definitely work on the snowman so he's more apparent to being there. I think adding the "middle" ball will also help the eye realize it's a snowman. I'll play around with showing more of his face, too! Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

  • Hi @eli, I totally see what you're saying. I now realize @Chip-Valecek was probably saying the same thing but I wasn't quite getting it. I blame lack of sleep. Haha! Thank you and also to Chip for showing me, I will adjust the scarf! Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  • Now i blame MY lack of sleep-- I see where you posted earlier that the fox tore the scarf so it's in two pieces. That explains why it's still behind the snowman. I still think if you showed a frayed end or even some long bits of yarn trailing off it might be clearer. Love this piece!

  • SVS OG

    @jajajulie Hi! Yes. I do think adding another ball to the snowman's body would help a lot. I can't wait to see your final piece.

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