Working on "Spider Hunter" (Slowvember piece), feedback welcome!

  • Hi all! I haven't posted a digital progress pic or digital pic in general in a while. I thought I would share what I plan to work on this month and try and get done really well. Here is my new sketch compared to one I made earlier last week. I feel a lot happier with the new sketch overall. I plan to go over it again and add some more details. I will post progress in this thread as I continue to work.

    Current Sketch
    alt text

    Old Sketch
    alt text

  • @jason-kilthau The new one is soooooo good.

  • @laurel-aylesworth Thanks! I was very happy with it. I am currently sitting at work thinking of what else I can put in there to help fill it up, but I was pleased with this sketch most definitely!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jason-kilthau I wouldn't fill it up anymore, I think it works well as is. To much might start to take away from the focal point. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks for the suggestion Chip! perhaps instead of filling it up then. I can just focus on how things in it already should actually look. Since it's Slowvember I guess maybe I have time 😛

  • SVS OG

    @jason-kilthau I agree with Chip, don't add more. It si a big improvement over the first one, more refined. It will be fun to see the final 🙂

  • I made my second sketch pass over a 30% opacity of the first one. Here is that version. I plan to next go into more detail on the main character here and possibly add more to the spider,

    alt text

  • This is really shaping up--it's a very cool piece. I'm glad you didn't add more stuff to it--it has a lot of impact and drama! It kind of looks like her shoulder angle is a little off to me--I think we would see a little more of her upper arm if her lower arm is in that position. It seems like the shoulder rotates back too far for us to still see her elbow...

  • @eli Thanks! And thank you for the shoulder critique, I definitely noticed something a bit off when I did this second passover. I plan to go over her and the spider one more time before I start to color/paint. I'll definitely see if I can't figure out the arm angle while doing that!

  • So I started to work out my light and dark areas. This is something I normally don't take a lot of time on, so once I am done with my 12 hour shift that I'm leaving for right now, I will probably continue to work on it before I start my paintover.

    alt text

  • I'm taking Slowvember to the extreme with this one... Thank you workplace for providing oh so much Overtime to occupy my time. 😢

    I'm finally making a color pass and when this is done I will detail it up as best I can before the end of day Thursday.

    alt text

  • @jason-kilthau I've watched you develop this piece and I really liked it at the line drawing stage. I think it has lost something at this stage because of the values you have chosen. I know it is in a cave but you have dark on dark for your character and monster with the greatest area of contrast being the cave opening and the bounce light on the rocks. I would try to use the torch as a stronger light source to light up the character and darken the opening of the cave (maybe make it night time) Maybe the spider could have a natural bioluminescence in the blue or green range.

  • @rcartwright thank you! I was looking over the picture early today and last night, realizing to myself that I felt some of the important parts were a little too dark and trying to think of how I could remedy that. With your advice I will look up some pictures from inside a cave lit with a torch tonight and start applying that idea.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

  • My final version, my computer lags a whole lot when I try to start doing the cool stuff like the glowing and lighting.. I can't wait for my new parts to get here so I don't have to get frustrated when I create.

    alt text

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