Trying out Acrylic

  • @Lee-White Thank you so much Lee for the tips! Those tips are totally new to me since I have very little knowledge of traditional mediums and techniques (should have gone to school for fine art or illustration haha). Yes I was struggling and trying to blend with brushes, and the paint dried way too fast. I found it's hard to get detail on canvas I even tried super small brush but the paint just did not through the texture the way it should be. I'm going to try the coating technique later but still not sure about how they work (going to do some research). Again I really appreciate your tips!

    @tallison7 Thank you 🙂 I'll let you know how it turns out!

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    Since I started using oils before I ever did much with water based media, I really admire the patience of people who work with paints that dry so fast. Whew. Good job for experimenting with it!

    That being said, @tallison7, it sounds really strange to me that anyone would have said to never to put oils over water based media, because I have heard it recommended so often. It may be that you just got it backward, because it would certainly NOT work to put water based paints over oils, ever. However, when you're painting in oils on a gessoed board, you are already putting oils over water-based media. As my teacher worded it, fat goes on lean, but lean can't go on fat.

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    @tallison7, Sarah is correct, you can add oil on top of acrylic, but never the other way around. (actually I shouldn't say never, there is one technique where I do exactly that! but you have to be careful.)

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