Three wizards / September 3rd Thursday

  • @Carey-Bowden said:

    The red object near the wizard on the left drew my attention - is that the boy's ball that he had followed after, or is is something belonging to the wizard?

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it)))
    It's a small pumpkin)

  • For me it looks much better now. 😊 It is a moonlight scene, it can be dark and gloomy 😉.
    I like the idea with the pumkin. I would suggest to repeat the color of the pumkin somewhere on Charlie to connect them better. Also regarding composition it would be nice to find the reddish tone on another spot in the image.

  • I'm really liking this piece :)) Good luck in the competition, Elnura

  • SVS OG

    Hello - i really like this piece! - thought i would share my thoughts on some of the things i noticed - first i will say it took me a while to notice Charly - he is very well hidden in the composition - there is no reason to search that particular corner especially after you removed the pink on the mushrooms (which i liked) so it took a first i was wondering if the wizard facing away might be Charly..the other thing worth mentioning is the shadow cast by the wizard on the right is going the wrong direction - i see that there are two light sources and one is to the left but it is too low to be casting this shadow and if it was able to cast this shadow it would cast the same strength shadow from all of the wizards - i think you can kill two birds with one stone if you change the shadow of the wizard on the right - if you make his shadow follow a line toward Charly with a path of light between the wizards leading to Charly and illuminating him it would read much more quickly - you could also increase Charly's scale a bit - ....i really liked the pink..maybe mute it a bit and find little places on Charly and the wizard to put a bit of it to lead our eye around the canvas (maybe a speck blending in on a wizards cheek or nose?)... i think you have a portfolio piece here but i also think it does not hit the mark of the prompt...If i remember correctly Concept, composition, design, and rendering are what Will, Jake, and Lee will be measuring our submissions by.. concept being the most i think that the piece needs to have - Charly - a forest - singing - dancing - and a huge are missing the singing and dancing and possibly the forest it worth changing to win the competition..i don't really is a nice piece with a peaceful magical feel to it.

  • Wow this is really good, One thing I think that could improve the scene would be have the boy sneaking in.

  • @ElnuraMurzataeva

    It looks great, but .. 🙂

    I think the rim light on the tree and mushrooms is just too hard. I just recall Will Terry saying "what is so important on that chin that there is such contrast?" So I ask, what is so important on that bark and shrooms? I think what would help is to adjust light on the bark so that Charly pops up just a little bit. You really have to look for him.

    What is rather personal thing is lack of color. I think some really subtle color here and there could make it more interesting. But really subtle otherwise you will pull attention to that area like previously with that mushrooms.

  • @Madlenn Thank you!)))

  • @Jiří-Kůs Thank you for your comment!
    I wanted to highlight Charlie, to be visible, but not immediately.
    I love the bright light, and now it shows the strength of the light from the moon.
    Color can be added, I agree)

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thank you for your comment!
    No, this is the work for the competition.
    It is not in my portfolio.

    With shadows I have not yet figured out, it was not easy to work with light)
    I hope that the study will help me to understand this topic)
    Thank you for your suggestion of shadows and light)

    By the way, I added a couple of characters, and the forest nearby.
    It will be more suitable for the conditions of competition.
    Thanks you!:)

  • @Steve-Young said:

    Wow this is really good, One thing I think that could improve the scene would be have the boy sneaking in.

    You mean that he was hiding behind the trees?

  • I mean like he is popping his head to sneak a look at the wizards, like he is behind the tree but looking out.

  • @Steve-Young said:

    I mean like he is popping his head to sneak a look at the wizards, like he is behind the tree but looking out.

    Ok, I understand what you mean)
    Yes, it's a good idea)

  • @ElnuraMurzataeva This is gorgeous work and I love the color! Kinda late for a critique but the only thing I wanted to draw more attention to was a little more highlight on the edge of Charly to distinguish him more from the foreground trees (he blends in a bit), and a tiny bit more color pop on the pumpkin (maybe enlarging it slightly, too). Nice work!!!!

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