Charly Wolf~3rd Thursday

  • Several days ago I posted this first sketch version of Charly, the Big Bad Wolf, and some characters that appeared with him in various famous fables/tales (Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, and Peter, who I hadn't added yet). I revised it and here it is:

    Someone commented that the pigs looked like a bride and groom. But they are really siblings in roaring 20s/flapper costumes (3rd pig playing ragtime on the piano), which really doesn't seem to go with the overall feel now that I look at it. And this sketch seems too stiff to me. I wanted to loosen things up (I love the style of illustrator Mike Lester) and make the characters more bluegrass than roaring 20s. So here is a loose sketch:

    I haven't done a value study yet so let me know what you think before I proceed!

    Thank you!

  • Nice going, but I the wolfs head looks odd. His snout is pointing one direction, but his skull is pointing in another. you need to fix that, you can have him looking at the characters and the viewer at the same time.

  • I really love your idea!

    Two things I noticed:
    -the man playing the fiddle is looking right at the viewer, which draws our eye to him - could he look at the pigs, or at his instrument?
    -The woman in the dress - I had a hard time understanding what her oufit was. The vertical lines "match up" with those around her. Could you have her dress be more fitted, and maybe her foot out in front of her a bit tapping along to the beat?

    Great concept! Could I even say that it features pigs... doing jigs...? (sorry) 😉

    Hope to see more soon!

  • Ahhh.. it is so very late (or early in the morning). Here is the final, in a 2-page spread format: CharlyFinal.jpg

  • Really cute! You did a nice job. Poor little piggies though 😢

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Ha Ha! Ding dong the wicked wolf is NOT dead! Little do the Three Pigs, Red Riding Hood nor Peter know what's coming....

  • Great improvement, the color lifts it up so much!

  • @Steve-Young Thank you! I've taken a few subscription classes on SVS and have worked really hard at improving lighting and character development. Classes are awesome!!

  • If you need anymore help let me know!

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