Come together in the fairytale forest

  • Hi, everyone!
    I have been working for a long time now on my piece for the next 3rd Thursday contest and cannot judge it anymore... Any ideas to improve it?
    Thanks a lot!
    Charlie for SVS.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Hello Jana - your piece looks good - as far as critique items go i would say lighting and eye shape are the two things that jump out at me - if you look at the lighting on the tree that the wolf has his left hand over you will see that the light source must be extremely low - you have some long shadows from the right to left from the trees but the figures are casting shadows that are closer to a noon day light source - there is also no lighting on the bushes behind the figures but there is lighting on the background - so there is a mix of flat shapes and shapes rendered to have form - the figures should be casting shadows on one another also - the shape of the eyes is very conventional and is distracting for me - the rest of each figure seems well thought out but when you use a convention like that it feels like a type of shorthand - i see now that there is texture on the bushes but it is not enough to give them form - maybe try pushing the lights and darks in the texture a bit more

  • Wow thats a great use of color, love it.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Kevin and Steve. 🙂
    @Kevin: I will definitely work on the shadows. I agree with your critics. It becomes much more obvious, when somebody points at it. 😉
    Faces are always the things I am struggeling most. I see what you mean and I will work on this part too. Hope I can show an improved version soon.

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