iPad Pro for Illustrators

  • @Javier-Diaz They did say that the iPad knows whether or not it's your hand or the stylus on the screen, so I think palm rejection is a given. If it knows which is which, then it's a pretty easy thing to do on a software level. I think they didn't have their palms on the screen because it doesn't look as elegant as they always want their ads to look lol.

    Also, have you drawn on a Surface Pro? I can't stand the feel of it. It's too inaccurate and the lag when running Photoshop is unbearable for me.

    @jimsz That's exactly what I thought - I thought that they've just made the Cintiq Companion totally irrelevant and like half the price. That is, if the pen is as accurate and responsive as it's promised.


  • I think there is hope for us to have a digital art medium that will do what we need at a reasonably price.

  • My two cents is be warry. I am left handed and cannot draw on a regular ipad. I know they claim to have hand recognition software but when I watched their video I was constantly looking for hands resting on screens which I think I saw one shot of that. When I work with a brush my hand is off the canvas usually but my work is on an easel. When I draw my hand is on the surface. If it is off the surface, my hand starts to strain. Also, they talked about pressure sensitivity but didn't present any numbers. Wacom can talk pressure sensitivity and back it up with numbers.

    I was more impressed when I heard about this trackpad that can sense a real paintbrush.

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison I feel like it was done like that to add the elegance of the video - you know what Apple are like with their trailers lol. Also, there were quite a few extended shots of people with their hand resting on the glass and drawing fine, and also the video of one hand using a digital ruler and the other hand using the pencil.

    I'm sure the sensitivity numbers will be revealed before launch, and with the development, they were working with illustrators, so I'm certain it'll be up there with Wacom's pressure sensitivity. Although, that's just speculation at this point.


  • @Ben-J-Hutchison Hi ben, I'am left handed too, Wacom has a really nice glove to wear wile resting your hand on the screen, They even have a pink one! LOL. But you probably know that already XD


  • Thanks for the link @Leontine. I totally geeked out when I saw James Jean and Marcos Mazzoni drawing in the ad.

  • I have seen those. I'm pretty sure @Will-Terry did a review of one.

  • Almost looks too good to be true! My daughter's tech geek friends weren't impressed (not sure why) and they said for that price, the stylus should be included. How does everyone feel about Procreate vs. Photo Shop?

  • I would be very wary of this. The reason I say this is because of the software you are using to create illustrations needs to be what you want. I use photoshop for finished images that will be in print. Therefore, I need something that runs photoshop. Many of us will be using a tablet as an addition to our actual workstation (versus using it exclusively) which means that you might need to be able to go from the tablet to the main work station digitally. Many apps for drawing are ok for sketching, but when it comes down to layered files with custom built brushes, nothing is going to beat photoshop. (note: the app version of photoshop is nowhere near the power or capability of the desktop version.

    With that criteria in mind, I went with a surface pro 3 and have loved it. I try not to use it to build images from scratch, but I do use it extensively for editing images while traveling and also working up images to a rough finish (which I will do the last stages on at my destop workstation and cintiq.)

  • procreate is a fantastic tool for painting images, i fast and has all the functions I need. i think the ipad pro will be an ideal tool for artists.

  • Thanks for the input. I'm switching from traditional to digital. It's a bigger deal than I thought.

  • I will be doing a wait-and-see on this one as well. I've been an Apple user since 1991 but as of late I don't buy the latest technology until its been out for a bit. The larger iPad might be a great device!

  • I have a Surface Pro 3. I really want to love it but I don't.

    I suppose it would depend on your style. My style is a "painterly" mess and I'm constantly and rapidly color picking and changing brush sizes. The lag with Photoshop on it is just too frustrating for me.

    I find it ok to sketch with and it is awesome that it is so portable (I can sometimes take it to work and do some painting!) but over all I'm disappointed.

    Hoping to one day be able to check out that portable Wacom (the Companion?).

  • @mattramsey I use my Surface Pro with Sketchbook Pro and it works great, no lag or anything. I would also like to try Mischief as I have heard great things about that too and want to see where it stands with the Surface.

  • By the way, everyone worrying about the palm rejection - there are now a load of videos of people using their palms and having no problem, and they gave the iPad pro to the guys at Pixar and the one thing they were surprised about was how good the palm rejection was.