3rd Thursday Charly-bot

  • OK, here's the rough 1st draft of my 3rd Thursday entry. The premise is that Charly or CHAR-14 as I like to call him, is a giant robot that has hidden from his makers in the woods. He hears music and as he parts the trees to see where it's coming from he see's two small robots dancing and singing along to the walkman they're listening to. The dancing robots are a little nod to the scene in Footloose where Ren is teaching Willard to dance. Anyway I also included a more detailed sketch at CHAR-14's head and some character designing of the two small robots.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • SVS OG

    Looking good - as far as things you might consider changing i would say the scale of the bots closest too us is too small in relation to the one in the distance - also the dancers are leading us off the left hand side of the page...i would move them more to the right an see what you think

  • Thanks Kevin, you're right about the robots leading us off the page. I'm gonna pop this one into photoshop and move things around. I'm wondering about the scale though. The Big robot is suppose to be taller than the trees, the little ones are more human size. You are probably right because the scale does look a bit off to me too I just can't decide if that's what it is. That willl be another thing I'll play with in photoshop I guess. Anyway, thanks for the critique.

  • Your idea is really fun, I love the big robot peeking from behind the trees. Also the dancing robots - great gestures, they look really into it. I agree on what Kevin says, but also theres nothing a little photoshop can't fix at this stage. I'm not that good into composition, so I don't want to give any bad advice, but I could suggest lowering CHAR-14's head a little just so it's not that close to the edge. Also a little thought on scale - if the side trees are a little shorter(maybe lower some part of the crown), it would make CHAR-14 and the dancers appear bigger.
    Looking forward to the next version. :))

  • Great concept, Love the fact you have a background to your character. Nice touch. In order to help define the scale of things I would add a normal object so the view can see the size relation. maybe you could add one more other robot, to enliven the scene.

  • Thanks Madlenn and Steve, All good advice. I'll go work it over and see what I come up with.

  • OK I'm only like 3 months late, but here is my Charlie piece...finally. I got to have @lee-white and @will-terry critique my very unfinished piece in the open critique from November 7th so if you guys have anything you'd like to add I'd be very grateful. Also happy to hear any suggestions from my forum peeps. Thanks guys. Dancing_Robots_final.jpg

  • Nice!!this is realy a great piece of work!! 😃

  • Really great characters and atmospheric effects going on!

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