Inktober inspiration made by SVS forums

  • I want to try a fun experiment and make something to be our own!

    So, Inktober is here and what I love are the many inspirational videos about artwork, artistic advice or even videos directly about inktober itself,
    so I started a playlist for inktober inspiration...

    Here 'The Inktober Playlist'
    (clicking the link will allow you to add videos)
    Please, I'm going by the honor system here! I trust the forums

    Click the link and add your favorite videos. Just make the videos artistically related(Sketchbook review, Advice, Speed draw, ect).
    I added some of my favorite videos on it already Now I know for a fact I don't know every great video out there, I checked, I mostly have Scott Robertson and Jake Parker in there, so It's up to YOU to help build a beautiful inspirational playlist for all artists to enjoy while we draw. If you don't have an account on youtube, or the video is on another platform, please feel free to add a link as a reply to this topic.

    "I invite @Jake-Parker, @Will-Terry, and @Lee-White to possibly add your favorites as you three helped build SVS and have no doubt we would all love to see what inspires you."

    I love the forums and the community it holds! I hope this can help everyone, and work as a way for me to give back to the forums(kind of like a gift). Now we move forward as artists together, through a great yet challenging project like inktober!
    Good Luck, and never stop drawing!!

    P.S. make a reply when you add a video

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • If there is anything that inspires you through inktober that isn’t on YouTube then feel free to mention it below

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