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  • Hi All!
    Its been a while since I have posted. I have been very busy just with the daily upkeep of Husbandry and Fatherhood type stuff. Ya know? I really want to get a website up and going because I have been making some pretty neat contacts. I just have been stalling because I don't have all the content I would really want to launch it. I have maybe 5 solid pieces right now. Do you think I should go ahead and just do it? I want to start dialogs with some different friendlies on the field and think it might be time to pull the trigger. Thank you.

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    @tyson-ranes I absolutely think you should! It gives a "home base" for people to go to. Even with 5 pieces (which is just fine), you can also include a blog (where you could post in-progress imagery if you want), an about bio/resume section(s), and a contact/connect section, not to mention links to your social profiles.

    Also, the website structure/design does not have to be now what it will be in the future when you have more pieces you want to include. The site can change with you & your work. For instance, perhaps right now, you want a nicely designed, large-image-based, single, scrolling page, but when you have more pieces you want to show, you could modify to a multi-page site.

    I use Wordpress for my CMS, but you could use Squarespace or another system to help you launch. All of these types should also be easy to redesign the site structure/design with too, when necessary.

  • Do it! Doesn't matter how much content you have. You can even start with one piece and then daily/weekly/monthly add a few more pieces. For example at the early stage my website (learn more about it if interested) had only three pieces, but it didn't stop our launch. We saw what works, what doesn't. It's a great experiences even if failing one. Good luck!!!

  • Put the website up - having a low number of pieces initially is of benefit. It allows you to build the website the way you wish right from the start without having to juggle dozens of image files. Content and image management done incorrectly can be overwhelming.

    Get the foundation of what you want in a website correct from the start will save you hours of work later one.

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