Digital watercolor tools

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    I've been working on these a while now. Think I have them about as close to what I do traditionally as I can get. Used Lee Whites tutorial and took apart a bunch of Kyle's brushes to learn how he made them. I think anyone who is a creative cloud member can download the brushes here: Tool Presets And I made a template with the water color texture you can download here: PSD Template These are made to be used at 400 DPI let me know if the links don't work creative cloud is pretty buggy sometimes. 0_1506279482381_watercoler-brush-test.jpg 0_1506282517632_digital-sketch-2.jpg

  • I you are really desiring to make digital water color then you should get Rebelle it was only about $70 one time purchase and it blows away anything that PS can do including real time water physics.

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    @rcartwright Yeah, I've tried it and it has some nice effects but I always have trouble with file sizes. I work pretty big and my computer can not handle Rebelle at those larger file sizes. There are a lot of programs like that with some nice effects but they are all garbage to me if they can't handle at the smallest an 8x11 document at 400 DPI and do it fast. If I'm going to wait for a simulation I'll just do by hand.

  • Great brushes!!! Love them, thank you for sharing.

  • this is incredible! I cant wait to try

  • Procreate 2 looks hopeful, but not released yet. Adobe sketch is really impressive, but doesn’t have hard edges yet, so combination of the default brush and some kyles does me. These are iPad of course.
    Painter (Corel) isn’t badsin, though frustrating sometimes, but I’m getting the hang of it. The big difference is being able to add texture of the paper to a layer.
    I did have a load of watercolour for painter brushes I paid a premium for, and they were awesome, but since upgrading I’ve not had chance to reinstall and see if they work.

  • One of the best I’ve found is actually manga studio (clip studio paint I think it’s called)

  • @evilrobot thanks for sharing! 🙂 Iam new to creating own brushes, so to me you are a genius 😉

  • Just been messing with the rebelle watercolour. That’s how Corel painter SHOULD work! Thanks for the link. I don’t think the size is enough for me though. But it is impressive.

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    I'm still using CS4, so Kyle's brushes won't work for me, nor will the tool presets. Would you be willing to share some settings or advice so I can create my own brushes? I love the watercolor look, but I don't want to work traditionally. Thanks!

  • @rcartwright
    Thanks for sharing! I just played with the demo. It's fun how it mimics real paint and water!

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