Portfolio piece WIP - Multicolor cow

  • Hello everyone!

    I would appreciate you opinion on this portfolio piece I am working on. For now I am just at the rough sketch/value stage. The idea behind it is that the farmer is bringing a multicolor cow to the barn and all the other cows are flabbergasted. Why does he have a multicolored cow ? No idea, but maybe it does multicolor milk!!

    0_1505326865018_IMG_0370 - copie.png

  • I really like the way you drew curious cows on the left side! However, I think there is a little problem with the one on the right. Cow's nose is "touching" the car in such a way that it actually makes it look like the car is stuck to her nose. Will Terry explains that in "Creative Composition" video (check "negative space, implied lines") and I learned it from there!:)
    Another thing I would maybe work on is the line stroke. The hill between the barn and the car is very dark and I think it should be much, much lighter since it's so far away and eventually vanish. Maybe if you change slightly the line strokes so the heavy lines creates all objects closer to the viewer and gradually lighter ones save for the background it would give your sketch more depth.
    I hope you will find it helpful. I really love illustrated cows and maybe you will find it inspiring to check a book series about a cow named Millie. The illustrator's name is Alexander Steffensmeier and the way he portraits his Millie is just hilarious:)

  • @MartaD Thanks! You're right about the tangent (nose/truck). I had actually already changed it before seing your reply. And thanks for the reference, Millie is really adorable!!

    For the line weight, this is still a very rough sketch. But I'll make sure to keep that in mind for the final version 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • The only thing I can say critically is that it took me a while to see where the road was going. At first glance it looks like the car is travelling up through the edge line of the hill rather than the front end of the car jumping up as he goes over a hill. I really like this. I love how the clouds and the other cows draw your eye to the focal point. Really nice!

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    love this great job on your values

  • I agree with @IanS. the only thing that confused me was the road! However i love the style and the direction of the piece! What could also tie the composition together could be some distant rolling hills in the background on the right side of the piece!

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