Looking for Advice on Lighting and Color for this WIP

  • I think it's great too. Try a little complimentary colour rim light on the left

  • SVS OG

    This is amazing! I think if you sharpen the image around the face and claws, give it more contrast it will give it a bit more of an ominous feel. And for crying out loud, do NOT touch the color palette!! Its stunning!

  • SVS OG

    This is stunning. I agree with what was said already. Last thing that crossed my mind when I saw this was "How Romantic." Ha. It's definitely doing what you wanted. I liked what Tess W did too... His eye looks crazy cool with that glowy effect and a touch of red on his leg... looks very predatory, almost bloody. If he turned all the way around you better get ready to pee your pants.

  • SVS OG

    @tessw already said it pretty well. I would just chime in and say I love the limited color palette, and this might just be a personal perference but if it were MY piece, I would bump up the colors around the center, around the face. Because of the limited subdued palette you can get a real impact by really punching your colors in way up in a few select areas.


  • Everyone else has pretty much got this covered. I would not have thought 'romantic' so your OK there. I like the idea of adding a little more contrast with light and colour to the focal point (The head). Basically what everyone else said! Awesome painting!

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. I think bringing a bit the established colors into the environment was what I needed to do, though I may have gone overboard. It's close to being finished at this point other than tightening up the closer horn and maybe addressing some of the looseness in the lower half.

    0_1505290680073_pilum muralis 29a.jpg

  • Oh one quick thing, is that X formation of the thorny vines distracting? I've been trying some other arrangements, but it starts feeling forced and I keep reverting back to this arrangement.

  • It's looking great and I had to look for that X formation so no it's not distracting. Not for me a least. Quality work!

  • Alright guys it's done. Thanks for the help.

    0_1505504136589_pilum muralis 33 web fins.jpg

  • Really impressive! Cheers to a job well done- it looks great.

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