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  • Just a bit of encouragement here.
    For a bit of pro bono work a few weeks ago I used just my iPad Pro. Well I picked up the commercial print today and apart from a little bit of barely noticeable saturation (print a little more saturated), the colours are spot on. Which means for pure digital work which doesn't need to be too clever, I can just work on the iPad.

    It also means a second way of checking proofs. Anyway, just thought I'd feed that in in case anyone was wondering.

  • Thanks for that ,this is something that has been worrying me lately as I got a new pen display XPS22 and noticed a lot of red on different tablets/phones also noticed my old monitor was way to dark,who knows what I am really uploading.I am looking at buying the ipad for portable use at least I know the colours are accurate now Thanks.

  • @dottyp is this what you have, and if so, what do you think so far?

  • No. I have a 12 year ol monitor, which was colour accurate when I bought it, but the trick is to get colour calibration going on it. I have just picked up color munki
    Note: a colour accurate display doesn't mean that it will display colour accurate;y (ironically) just that it will display the colours accurate to what the computer tells it to display. If that makes sense.
    Calibration requires a colour display reader which then creates a 'lookup table' which sits somewhere between the colours the computer says it's displaying and what you see on screen, so that you see what you're supposed to see.
    One more thing, unless you payout for the extra bit which calibrates your home printer, you won't get prints from your printer which match your screen, even when the screen is calibrated and you set photoshop to print what is displayed on screen.
    Which is why I've been waiting to see a professionally printed leaflet/book to be really sure that I am happy working digitally again.
    It certainly means I am now happy that I can photograph my originals and get them print ready.... I got the software at the same time to calibrate the camera!

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    @tombarrettillo Hey, I use Ugee HK1560 15.6 Inches . I think the colour is the best I have seen on these Cintiq alternatives

    @Andyg Hey if you want to get good quality prints of your digital work. I think Klein imaging they are fine art printers who print on specialised paper, really high quality production.

  • @julian-beresford said in Colour confidence wysiwyg:

    Klein imaging

    That is brilliant! Thankyiu. I've been searching for a good uk based...preferably NW for ages at a good price point. Some of my clients pay me my time to produce a one off for them, but then th agreement is I get to sell prints. One of them wants to support me further and do the selling too. So I'm basically getting paid and royalty for one off pictures. We needed a giclee printer.

    What's klein paper like? I see it's cheaper.

  • @tombarrettillo Yes that is the one I have I think it is great I have had it about a month now ,not had any problems just the colour adjustment thing which I think I have sorted now I feel this was more a case of my old monitor being wrong.The pen pressure needed adjusted for myself and it is just right now. Works really well with all the well know software,photoshop,clip paint,zbrush. I love the bigger screen I can really see what I am doing now (I had a cintqe 13hd).It has a rechargeable pen which I got about 3 weeks use every day without recharging. Really happy with the purchase and there is no way I am sending it back.

  • @dottyp great, thanks!

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    @Andyg No problem, Here is the website link for them, They do Giclee printing on different types of paper to fit particular needs. the paper I am going to be using from now on is the HAHNEMÜHLE GERMAN ETCHING 310GSM. it is really great texture and quality and the printing colours are accurate and rich. They are ibased n Manchester and they allow you to go and visit them as well, which I still need to do

    Cool that's a good business deal to get to sell prints of one off the pictures and to get someone wantng to sell them s well!

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