Drunken Naked Dwarfs

  • It took some time for me to start this project as I have been unwell, and busy with life. One positive thing with starting this project later than I normal, is I had time to think about it before I got to any actual work. I wanted Charlie to be a normal boy, wandered off by himself and got lost in the woods, hears some sounds and thinks he has found his way out of the forest back to safety.

    I knew I didn't want to do something conventional like dancing bunnies or bears (oops, sorry guys and gals with the dancing animals, you have done wonderfully). The the idea came to me,if not dancing animals what about dancing fantasy creatures, at that moment dwarfs came into my mind. problem solved regarding the subject of the challenge. Left some room at the top for text of the story.

    It took me sometime to start actually drawing, whilst out visiting friends I had this vision of dancing dwarf. I got my sketch book out and started scribbling. Then it hit me! Drunken Naked Dwarfs came into my mind (I know don't look at me like that). The problem was I wanted them to be dancing around a camp fire but in such positions that you cant see there dangly bits. Charlie had to be in a position where he can see the dwarfs. So i popped him in the bottom right of the image.

    This where i had problems, using the crude sketch I had I moved the characters around into a slight arc just below the horizon line, this made the image quite pleasing. The dwarfs where going to be by a fire, and lit up by it. But have them secluded with a forest. The dwarfs will be drunk, dancing around acting completely out of there heads. Having given the image a day to simmer, i ended up with four dwarfs, but realise this is a little too balanced, I will add another on somewhere (I don't know where yet) face down or face up with a mug on his dangly bits.

    Composition / Design

    Before moving on to this stage I need to add dwarven props, clothes, weapons and such. I also need to make the characters look more Dwarven and add in more detail to there camp.

    haha I'm kidding, I love this idea and those dwarfs are funny especially the one with his underwear on his feet. Is he showering with wine? My issue is now that they don't look dwarfs enough for me, maybe they can be a bit shorter or thicker. Right now they look as if they are at the same size as Charly even though he is a bit far away. I would also add some elements like wine barrels and BBQ lol.
    Great idea can't wait to see it painted in color.

  • @Naroth-Kean lol thanks, you're right regarding them not looking dwarven enough, i figured getting the idea down first was the most important part. and a couple of barrels of ale and other props would enhance the scene no end. I will be adding them in the next draft.

  • I like the humorous take on this promp! For the fifth dwarf you could put him more in the foreground, with his back to charly. Right now it feels a bit staged that the dwarfs are angled the same way. And I know that you replied to an earlier post about it, but I really want to see them all dwarvened up (yes I will make up my own vocabulary). Good start so far, glad you are feeling better!

  • @Shannon-Perkins lol I love your new language, thanks. I'll be working on this today, just doing the workshop for creative environment design at the moment, should have something tonight.

  • What a unique take on the prompt! Looking good so far! I'd like to suggest you darken up the foreground compared to the background to add depth. Other than that, everything else is fine!

  • @mikeamante I am having problems with that as i am painting on a second monitor and everything is darker than my other screen, I fix that close to the finish I think. Thanks btw.

  • This is really nice! I like the way you've done the night scene!

  • Thanks! very much.

  • SVS OG

    Great idea! Good values too. If you want them more dwarven, the arms and legs need to be thicker, and longer beards 🙂

  • @Lynn-Larson said thanks, its all planned.

  • SVS OG

    awesome! can't wait to see it 🙂

  • SVS OG

    My hat is off to you. I am looking forward to seeing where you go with this

  • Its coming along, I fixed one character, and added two dwarfs, you'll have to search for on of them though. 🙂

  • Great concept. But it could be so much more than just drunken dwarfs. It just needs more craziness. More action. more character, more dynamic gestures, more chicken in their heads, or something. The second one from left is probably the most interesting, but I would push even that.

    (i am still drawing a dancing bear :D)

  • @Jiří-Kůs lol 🙂 thanks, oh there is lots to do yet.

  • I fiddled with the dwarves (No not in that way), put a few item in the scene, I am going to leave it for a day or so then I'll come back to it.SVS-Learn-Drunken-Dwarfs.jpg

  • wow very nice I love your lighting and atmosphere here, I think the dwarf in the foreground can be a bit smaller or add something to separate him from Charly a bit. This really feel like one of those game I play, LoTR 😃 very funny if you look at all the detail. I think Steve is up for the winner this month.

  • Thanks! Its just fun doing these challenges.

  • Really good work! The light is perfect!

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