Pirate WIP Critique welcome

  • SVS OG

    I'm working on a drawing of a pirate without a ship... was an idea I had lol... if you have any thoughts to improve this drawing let me know thanks.


  • I would consider putting him in a rum barrel with the parrot sitting on his head pushing down his hat

  • Some idea's that came to mind were to have his boat partially sinking or to show some signs of wear and damage. I like rcartwright's idea about the barrel, I think it makes more sense than a mini boat (unless that is part of the story). You could also include a sinking ship in the background to help create more of a story to the piece.

    His left arm is a little awkward in that position. It doesn't look as though he is rowing, rather than he is just using it to help the parrot. I think having the parrot on his head (as was mentioned) and having the bird holding the sail whilst he is frantically rowing away from sharks or something else dangerous, as they both are looking behind. You could even reverse the roles and have the parrot rowing instead whilst he is drink rum and relaxing, if you didn't want to include sharks 🙂

    It might be hard to show, but it could be cool to have them a wooden leg as the oar instead of an actual oar.

  • Since we are working on Worst Fear, I think a mutiny would work well here, so having his ship sailing away behind him would be good, with the mutinous crew waving. And on the idea of a barrel, you could make it small so he just barely fits inside. And I like the suggestion of the parrot on his head.

  • SVS OG

  • SVS OG

    @gary-wilkinson Great ideas I like wear and tear is a good thought. And a sinking ship or something to add to the story. He isn't rowing he was steering the boat with the oar probably not very readable I will think about it thanks.

  • SVS OG

    @tombarrettillo I'm doing this to fill out my portfolio now I have decided on a style (at long last lol)

  • @Jason-Bowen Sorry about that. With all these WIP happening now for Worst Fear, I just assumed yours was one as well. LOL. Well, then, just use my comments as you feel lead. I like your original sketch as it is, just, again, got caught up in the Sept contest frenzy.

  • SVS OG

    @tombarrettillo haha no worries, its from doing worst fear that has ignited my creativity 🙂

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