WIP Worst Fear 'thoughts'

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    Hey so I have been working on my worst fear idea, if anyone has any thoughts about my image to make it better let me know, thanks 🙂 0_1502725822545_fear.jpg

  • I think it's an awesome start. I think the guy's surprise could be exaggerated even further. A couple of ways to achieve this:

    1. Have his gesture at more of a diagonal angle away from the shark, possibly arch his back.

    2. More "acting" in the hands. Figure out how a hand might grip a tub or be flung in the air when some one is startled or scared. Right now your hands look very relaxed. This picture of Calvin is a nice example. It might not work for your particular piece, but it's a good example of "acting with the hands". Imagine if the hand were more neutral, it would not work as well.


    Great job!

  • Hi Jason!

    Great sketch so far!
    I agree with Tess suggestions about the gestures and hands. I hope you don't mind, I did a quick paint over to show 2 other things I would change :

    1. I would make the shark much bigger, and higher than the man (right now their heads are almost on the same level; I think compositionally it would look better to break this symmetry.

    2. This is a small thing, but I would put legs under the bath 😉 I have never seen a bath directly on the floor. It would also create a nicer silhouette!

    Hope it helps 🙂

    0_1502762748825_Untitled_Artwork - copie.jpg

  • I agree with Tess to push the exaggeration of the guy more. Perhaps you could have both arms quite straight pressing on the tub in an attempt to get him out of the water or even having one leg half out of the water (covering up his dedicates witha few well placed bubbles of course)

    NoWayMe made a good point of making the shark bigger than the man, but it would be nice to see that he is still fitting in the tub properly. It could be interesting to add his tail behind the man kinda like a backrest so that he has nowhere to escape to. The gesture of the piece seems to form an almost C shape and I think it would be more exciting to push the size and curvature of the upper part of the C (with the shark being the upper and the guy been the lower)

    Depending on the lighting you could even add a cast shadow of the shark onto the wall to push the presence of it a bit more and/or you could even expand the area of the tub where the shark is sitting with maybe the tub beginning to crack and water seeping out.

    I would move the boat or do something more interesting with it as it is a little distracting. Maybe it could be in the shark's mouth or in a puddle on the floor which would flesh out the empty space in that area. It would also help to show how the water has been displaced in the bath (a shark would probably take up a decent amount of the space :P)

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    @tessw Thanks for tips I have taken them on board 🙂

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    @nowayme Making the shark bigger is a great idea, it is my forth go at it and the shark has got bigger each time lol... I will push it more. thanks 🙂

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    @gary-wilkinson I was having an issue with the boat as well. I will remove it since you picked up on that too... Thanks for your ideas. 🙂

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    So I have changed things a bit... Its already better I just need to print it out and draw some bubbles and I think I'm going to paint it in water colours...

    I have thought about legs on the bath but it creates too many issues in my head (slightly tipping etc... ) haha and I have never had a bath in a bath with legs so I will stick to one flush with the ground for now, I might regret it I don't know.
    0_1502817475090_worst fear.jpg

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    So I have coloured it and made some more small changes. I'm happy and hyped to start another drawing. 🙂 0_1502833262591_Jason Bowen.jpg

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