Color Study Co-opt

  • I am in the process of a color study and thought it would be helpful to pool everyone's favorite color study pics together. If you have a favorite color study pic and or tips please post!

  • Sounds fun! Here's a colored pencil study I did base on a painting by Andrew Loomis.

  • This is a timely post for me. I was just starting a color/light study. A couple of years ago, I did these 3 studies, where I copied a scene, and then created my own scene based on the information from my first study.

    2_1502488841094_Study-Apply-Feb-2015.png 1_1502488841094_Study-Apply-3-Feb-2015.png 0_1502488841094_Light-Study-2-Feb-2015.png

    Today I decided to do something similar, except this time I plan on doing several that has some of the same lighting principles. I'm using movie stills because you can often see the same setting from different angles and sometimes you can see the characters with their costumes in a different lighting situation, so it helps you figure out how lighting effects the different colors. When I do the studies I really try to analyze what's going on with the colors. . . saturation, value, the different between the light and shadow side, and I also try to pay close attention to the whats happening to the colors on my color wheel in photoshop.

    This is the one I'm working on now.

    And these are other contenders for my other studies. I'm trying to study dark interiors with interior lights and blue window light.


  • @tessw Thank you for this thoughtful post! I plan on taking cues from your post and doing some similar. The blue lighting is especially awesome and I have a perfect concept in mind that I have been wanting to do for some time. I will attempt to apply more "study" and "apply" illustrations into my practice it appears to be such a huge burst to creative growth. I love how thoughtful and analytical you are in your approach which I also am taking cues from and believe it to be such an awesome powerful skill to develop. Thank you for the post.

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