Thoughts on DeviantArt?

  • I've been a member of DA for several years now, but I've been a little less interested in the last year. It seems like the more serious, dedicated artists are getting drowned out in fan art or tracings or photo manipulations. Don't get me wrong: I know so many amazing artists there and I love seeing their work. But it seems kinda hard to find new talent to follow, so it's hard to stay interested.

    I get that DA is very much a social website and it's really great that so many people get to share their interests, so I don't hate it or anything! But my question is this: is DA an asset for an aspiring professional? Is it worth maintaining like other social media or a blog, or is it really just "for fun"?

    (I've considered changing my username there and just keeping an informal account for social purposes.)

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    I mainly use DA at this point to follow some artists that are on there all the time. There are a few groups I follow that post images of models for reference. I haven't updated or uploaded any work on there in years.

  • I visit it once a year maybe, cant even remember my password.

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    It's been a long time since I've been there I also don't even remember my password. I use to use it for reference but now can't really open the site with my wife in the room because it's more like soft core porn than reference material anymore. I just use google image search now.

  • I have heard mixed things as far as DA goes. Some artists have said that it has brought them no business. Other artists have said that they started posting years ago, and the people who followed them when they were younger, have now grown up and have been good supporters of their work as far as prints and kickstarters go.

    I have discovered some amazing artists on there by browsing through other artist's favorites. I will go back to DA occasionally to check out some of those artists who don't have other social media accounts, but I don't frequent it as much as I used to. And as @evilrobot has mentioned- the porn images! I feel like I have to bleach my eyes out. There is some weird stuff on there that I don't need in my mind. Hah. I cringe to think of all those youngsters out there being exposed to some of the stuff on DA.

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    @evilrobot and @TessW - Oh yeah? I might need to start using it more often LOL

  • @tessw and @evilrobot yeah, the porn stuff is definitely another factor that puts me off. It makes me kind of uncomfortable to see something I made that's important to me, next to someone's bizarre fetish. I have very fond memories of DA, but at this point, it's starting to feel like the MySpace of art sites! I might be able to extend my audience somewhat, but I'm starting to doubt it's worth serious effort.

    Hence my thought about making my DA account less formal (and changing the username.) I can always direct more serious followers to my website (or Instagram or whatever), but not feel the need to keep it as polished and fresh. In other words, make DA my "open mic night" site XD

  • @missmarck I've been on there since 2006, and it always felt like a high school art show. I think that is kinda what you are feeling like in some ways. It always seemed like fanart was the main draw, and I rarely visit it anymore. I like Instagram and Twitter much more.

  • @missmarck I like DA the people are very friendly and willing to chat to you,I find some other sites people tend not to answer you. The porn is disturbing and because I also do 3D renders my images always end up beside something truly awful,but sometimes this gives me a laugh.I have made some nice friends and still post all the time,but I notice it is slow at the moment.They need to tidy the whole site up and make it more professional looking.However I think Artstation has a much nicer look to it .

  • @eric-castleman Ha! That's an accurate description! I guess I'm just admitting that I'm not in highschool anymore 🙂

    @DOTTYP , that's true. The person-to-person interactions tend to be pretty good. It just requires more time and effort, and it doesn't seem to offer much in return 😕 But I have definitely met some amazing people there! I haven't looked at Artstation before, I'll check it out! 🙂

  • @missmarck just now looking st your art. I think your stuff is great btw.

  • I was thinking of starting a DA account again, as I tried it once and deleted my account. After hearing you guys, I think I will skip it!

  • @eric-castleman thank you! I post much more regularly on my Instagram if you're interested 🙂

  • @doodleworx I don't think you're missing much!

  • @missmarck what's your account name, I'll add you.

  • @eric-castleman I just changed it to marckette 🙂

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