• Hello again!

    Here is what I have so far for my "independent" illustration. I wanted to see if anyone has any feedback before I start rendering more. (of course the trolley/objects in it will not stay all purple!)



  • SVS OG

    The image breaks my heart, but I love the colors and lighting so far.

  • This is really well done, I love your style. However I feel the prompt is lost because the image of the parents arguing is so powerful. This makes me feel sad and sorry for the wee man who must be feeling all sorts of negative emotions. Love the kitty peeking out the doorway.

  • SVS OG

    I love it. Super strong story telling.

  • Awesome work. It's cool the way the parents arms are looking like puzzle pieces in relation to each other and also the high contrast of light and dark. 🙂

  • a couple quick things: I would make him more determined, maybe a tad angry or upset, like he is sick and tired with the fighting, and leaving, bound to find something better on his own, making the "independent" theme stronger.

    I like the position of the fathers right hand, and think the other should come down in a similar manner, as in a "I don't know what you want me to do" manner. The mother's position is accusatory, so having both the dad's hands as I suggest would strengthen that part of the story. And while I might be stretching it a bit, his left hand could read as the beginnings of abuse.

  • @tombarrettillo @evilrobot @Tyson-Ranes @stringfellowart @bnewman

    Thank you all for the comments!
    At first I was hesitant to do such a sad image, but I just couldn't get the idea out of my head so I decided to go with it. @tombarrettillo , in my sketch he had more of a determined look on his face, I think it was lost a little in the painting process, I will definitely work on it. I will also try something for the arms!

    Thanks again!

  • Another update! Thanks for the tips @tombarrettillo - Really helped 🙂

    I think it's almost done... any tips on how to improve it ?


  • @nowayme I love the pose of every character. I think the only thing I might change would be that I would have the boy looking straight ahead, like he's marching bravely off to his future. With his eyes looking down he looks sad to me. Great storytelling elements, you lead the viewer right through the piece.

  • @rhirsch Good point! I will try that 🙂

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