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  • I like the green/earth tones. However, their poses are a bit odd to me. I assume this is after the strings are cut, so I would think by then, their arms would be down. I might have them all posed in varying states of wonder/surprise at their new found freedom (i.e. looking at their freed hands and arms, maybe one with its arms raised in a "yahoo!" pose, etc, etc.) And the rabbit might work better in a more leaning, anxious, beginning run, hurried kind of pose, like "You can be happy later! Let's get outta here before the puppeteer returns!!"

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    @tombarrettillo hmm that was actually what I was going for, the wolf looking at his hand, the fox down at his feet. I think something might have gotten lost from the gesture to the final sketch. Puppets are kinda stiff so I had a hard time getting it right

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    Okay, I went back and worked on tweaked their poses, much happier with the the designs now.

  • Progression is fascinating - Your clay model is amazing, also - do you do that often, creating specific models for particular illustrations? And i don't want to throw the monkey wrench, but I like your color scheme on the lower left - to me it offers a more complimentary spectrum - purely opinion, though, I really like all your color choices....

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    @laurie I make up a model if it's a tricky design or perspective angle. I have a lot or experience with sculpting clay figures so it doesn't take long to make something rough.

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    @stringfellowart This is looking great. You picked a really challenging story to tell. But, looks like you pulled it off. Great work.

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    I like the story telling in your version 2 sketch

  • This is awesome! I love the concept, the idea, the composition and also your color and value choices. The character design is great - unique and charming.
    There is only one thing that I would think about, if you feel so inclined. I think the storytelling aspect is suffering a little by not showing the moment of "liberation". As is now, the viewer has to put together the cues to understand what has happened, and the role of the hero is not that clear. If you showed the hero in the moment where he is cutting the last strings, the storytelling aspect would be so much stronger.
    I know this means re-drawing, so feel free to stick with what you have - even though I feel it is a pity not to exploit this great idea to the max!

  • I like the new poses, though the mouse still seems a bit stiff, even for a puppet.
    @smceccarelli has a point about the story, but I feel that could be the illustration before this one: the cutting of the strings, and then the escape (this illustration). I will say that the hero does need to be made more clear in this version, perhaps by putting the scissors in front of him, or maybe off to the right.

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    @tombarrettillo you are right. I moved the scissors, and stuck them into our hero's belt.
    @smceccarelli you have a good point. Maybe I'll save that illustration and come back to it.

    Colors going down finally.

  • Really good storytelling and a lovely piece of art.

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