Retraining my BRAIN!

  • @charlie-eve-ryan it's just all in your mind. i deal with this all the time, because I overthink things in all different aspects of my life. The way I get back into the flow is that I just draw thumbnails, and scribble freely. I don't put much care into them, and I remind myself that my art won't be good unless I enjoy what I am doing. When I get into the frame of mind that I am I not doing well, or have a block, I start to force things, and I start to believe that I have lost my "touch" (if I can even say I have a touch) find out how it can be a a relaxing, fun and enjoyable experience, and draw freely. If I have a bad day drawing, I just tell myself that I will do better tomorrow.

    Usually for me, my best work comes after feeling as though I will never be able to do what I did before.

  • Welcome back to art! Hope you are doing well. Looking at some art, and doing some copying of art I like sometimes inspires me to get going.

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    @charlie-eve-ryan When I was getting in a slump (from overdoing it, actually) I started painting those monsters,which was pure fun! It kept me going and I got help by asking for kids descriptions of monsters...that helped me be creative. Maybe you can do just something fun like that. Then post them so we can see what you're up to.

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    @eric-castleman Thanks, Eric...glad I'm not the only's like rusty muscle memory! By the end of the day, I was feeling much better about tackling my projects.

    @TessW Thanks, studies are always helpful. I have a Pinterest obsession and pin inspiring art, too.

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Yes, painting something outside of your wheelhouse is always a good thing. I loved your monster project. I'll think of something fun.

    In the meantime, my board book dummy is finished and sent off to my agent to prep for submission. Now to work on my other projects while I wait and wait and wait. 😃

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    @charlie-eve-ryan Board Book Finished! That sounds nice 🙂

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thanks, Martha! Who knows what, if anything, will happen with it. But, it feels good to have this stage finished. Like @Jake-Parker says, finished not perfect!

  • I've had several art droughts due to various health problems. One thing I've found that helps is that, as soon as you are able to, start working on something every day. Several small things will probably better than one large project so that you don't get stuck on a bad drawing due to a bad day or overall skill regression from the drought.

    Try not to be too hard on yourself for not measuring up to what you used to be able to do.

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    @xovq Thanks! Breaking things down is always good when starting back. This is the first time I really took an extended break because I know how important it is for this surgery to heal properly.

    All is going well on that front, so I am eager to jump back into my book projects. SVS is great for reviewing skills, too! 😃

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  • I have those gaps too, and it's hard to jump back on that moving train! What helps me are basic exercises during very short waiting periods (on the bus, waiting for water to boil, waiting in line) of straight lines and circles, and basic shape composition thumbnails. Then I try to get in at least one life drawing session a week. If you can't go to a studio or session, this is an adequate resource.

    Good luck and welcome back!

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  • HI @charlie-eve-ryan I JUST READ YOUR POST ! I greatly apologize for the joking in my previous post. I just read the headline description and not the content of your post while working and wrote what I thought to be a funny rant for fun not realizing the seriousness of the threads content! Forgive me! I wish you the best in diving back into full swing of things. A great way for kickstarting I believe is to just start getting your hands dirty sketching wether your own concepts or some of your favorite artists work. That recently helped me with ring rust.

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    @WithLinesOfInk Thanks for the resource!

    @tyson-ranes No worries what so ever! Did not see it, but I love humor and a good laugh is always appreciated especially when things are serious. 😃

    In the meantime, here is a happy unicorn!


  • @charlie-eve-ryan haha!! 🙂
    Thanks for the Unicorn! Yippy!!!

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